Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2856

 While Ye Chen and Su Ruoli were chatting idly, he suddenly received a call from Tang Sihai on his mobile phone.

        This made Ye Chen a little curious.

        Generally speaking, Tang Sihai did not contact himself too often, but whenever he did, it was usually a very important matter.

        So, he hurriedly picked up the phone and opened his mouth to ask, "Housekeeper Tang, you wouldn't be looking for me for something important, right?"

        Tang Sihai smiled faintly and said, "Young master, there is nothing urgent that I am looking for you, it is just that there is a matter that may require you to come and make an idea."

        Ye Chen then asked, "What is it?"

        Tang Sihai said, "It's like this, Miss Su Zhiyu, the eldest Miss of the Su family, is going to broadcast the launch live on the whole internet tonight, and she has also contacted the short video platform you asked the Ye family to buy, hoping that we can also participate in the online broadcast of this launch, and also hoping that we can give certain recommended resources, so I want to ask you to make an idea and see if you agree to her. "

        Ye Chen hadn't paid much attention to the news today, so he still didn't know about Su Zhiyu's upcoming launch until now.

        When he suddenly heard Tang Sihai say this, he asked with great curiosity, "Why is Su Zhiyu suddenly going to have a launch party? And she's even making such a big show ...... Did she reveal in advance what the conference would be about?"

        Tang Sihai hurriedly explained, "It is said that the content of this conference is related to the experience of the two of them during this period of time, after all, the matter that the two of them were involved in a car accident and disappeared has been given great attention by the people of the country, and now that she has returned safely to the public eye, she should give an explanation to everyone."

        When she said this, Tang Sihai gave a slight beating and said, "Moreover, I think that she must have a big trick up her sleeve by staging this launch, and maybe she wants to take advantage of this opportunity to take on his grandfather Su Chengfeng in front of the whole nation! That's why I'm calling to ask you if we should get involved in this matter?"

        Ye Chen hesitated for a moment, his mind combined with Su Zhiyu's character, pondered this matter over, and spoke, "Housekeeper Tang, just go ahead and let our short video platform broadcast live to her."

        Tang Sihai said, "Young master, if she really turns on Su Chengfeng at the launch event, it will be more or less embarrassing for us, after all, all of Yanjing knows that the short video platform is in the hands of our Ye family, so if we step in to help Su Zhiyu live at this time, it might be rejected by the circle."

        High society had rules of high society.

        Generally speaking, the upper class didn't like the underhanded act of making small moves behind the scenes.

        In the past, many rich people manipulated their water forces by looking for people who were completely unrelated to them, and even if the whole world felt that they did it, there was no direct evidence that could prove it.

        But the Ye family was different this time, the whole country knew that the short video platform was owned by the Ye family, if the Ye family deliberately disgusted the Su family on their own platform, it was bound to be somewhat less than honorable in the eyes of outsiders.

        Ye Chen said with a smile at this time, "In my opinion, Su Zhiyu shouldn't be able to lash out at her grandfather at this launch, so you let the short video platform feel free to give her a live broadcast."

        Tang Sihai was surprised and asked, "Young master, how are you so sure?"

        Ye Chen laughed: "It would be a long story if I had to explain the reason, but you just have to trust me."

        Tang Sihai said, "Okay, Young Master, then I'll tell the other side."

        "Good." Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Butler Tang, is there anything else?"

        Tang Sihai said, "There is nothing else."

        Ye Chen then said, "Alright then, that's it for now, we'll be in touch if there's anything else."