Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2854

 Su Anshun said, "Master! In my opinion, why don't you call He Hongsheng yourself? This old man is now a four-star martial artist, if you can convince him to come and protect you, your safety will be better protected and you won't have to worry about that expert coming to trouble you!

Su Chengfeng sighed: "He Hongsheng didn't leave a trace of leeway before, I think he's already determined to draw a line in the sand with us, the odds are it's useless to go beg him now.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

Su Anshun had to nod his head and said respectfully, "Yes Master, I'll get ready to go now!"


Ye Chen had already received a call from He Yingxiu.

The He family had already selected ten family members with the highest strength, talent and loyalty this time, and were ready to depart for Jinling to report to him immediately.

According to He Yingxiu, Master He Hongsheng, who had just broken through the fourth meridian and become a four-star martial artist, was also one of the ten.

Ye Chen is interested in what people come from the He family, its ......

He didn't really feel anything, after all, he didn't really need the He family to sell their lives for him either.

However, hearing that the He family's old man was personally dressed for the battle did make Ye Chen feel the sincerity of the He family.

Since the He family was arriving tonight, Ye Chen deliberately came to Buckingham Palace and told Su Ruoli the news.

When Su Ruoli heard that both her mother and grandfather would be coming over, she was naturally extremely excited.

After hearing that Grandpa had broken through four meridians and become a four-star martial artist, she was even more excited to the point that her eyes were wet with tears.

She looked at Ye Chen and choked up as she said, "Breaking through four meridians and becoming a four-star martial artist is Grandpa's greatest wish in his life, and after he turned 60, he knew that he would definitely have no hope of breaking through in his life, so he had always treated this as his greatest regret in his life!

Speaking of this, she said with a face full of gratitude: ''Sir Ye, all of this is thanks to the chance you gave, if it wasn't for your pills, Grandpa he definitely wouldn't have had such a chance, thank you!

Ye Chen smiled faintly: "You don't have to thank me for everything, the cooperation with your He family, although it is true that it is for your sake, but this cooperation is also equal, it is not a unilateral handout from me."

"Moreover, in the future I may have very...There are many places that need to use the He family's people, and as long as the He family can cooperate with me with one heart and one mind, I will definitely give the He family more opportunities to rise as well."

"This opportunity is not just money and pills, it might even include complete internal martial arts as well as other internal martial arts.

When Ye Chen said this, he gave a slight beating and opened his mouth to ask: "According to my observation, the internal martial arts that your He family cultivates should be a remnant scroll, I wonder if I'm wrong?

Su Ruoli hastily said: ''Duke Ye is really a godly man, he can even see this''

After saying that, she explained truthfully: ''In fact, the internal martial art that has been passed down by the He family for hundreds of years was not created by the ancestors of the He family themselves, but was obtained by chance by the ancestors of the He family by coincidence."

In fact, when it was first obtained, it was a fragmented scroll, the content of which was missing most of its contents

"So when the He family was practising this internal martial art, there were many restrictions, and it could easily lead to internal disorders and life-threatening injuries."

"It was also because of this that the He family settled in the coldest place in the whole of China, because the colder it was, the less chance of internal force disorder would be one"

Ye Chen nodded his head.

In fact, the path of martial arts had long since declined much since its development in ancient times.