Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2852

 "Yes." Su Chengfeng said frankly: "Our ocean shipping business has now been stopped, and our superiors are dissatisfied with the Su family, so they have not let up for some time. Shy

Su Zhiyu spoke up at this time: "How about this, I want the Su family to transfer this piece of business to me,,in the future, all of the Su family's business in terms of ocean shipping will be at my disposal, and all the related resources will also be at my disposal.

"Moreover, I also require that the operations and finances, all of which will be my independent responsibility, and the shareholding will also be mine alone - no subordinate relationship with the Su family!"

Su Chengfeng did not expect that Su Zhiyu's appetite would be so big.

He thought to himself:

"This girl, Zhiyu, wants the entire ocean shipping business of the Su family?"

"The Su family's total assets in this business alone are over 300 billion! It accounts for at least 20% of the Su family's assets!"

"Wanting to take away so much in one breath, this girl's appetite is indeed not small!

Su Chengfeng is power-hungry, to him, he is ten thousand times more unwilling to let others take away from his own ......

The division of power in his own hands.

Therefore, at such an old age, he still has to firmly control the position of the head of the Su family, and he also controls every section of the Su family's business, as well as the overall financial power.

It is not that his seven children had never mentioned the idea of splitting up the family before, but each time they were firmly rejected by him.

Later on, the seven children came up with another argument, saying that it was fine not to divide the family, or at least to divide the business piece by piece and give different people full responsibility.

But Su Chengfeng still did not agree.

He was like an ancient emperor, not only did he disagree with the idea of dividing the world among his sons, but he also disagreed with the idea of his children becoming vassal kings who would be in charge of one side of the family.

In short, the Su family was his, and so no part of it could be split up.

Because of this, his first thought when he heard this request from Su Zhiyu was one of great anger.

If in the past, not to mention Su Zhiyu, even if any of his own sons and daughters dared to make such a big personal request to him, he would have slapped him across the face and driven him overseas directly.

But now, the various crises had forced him to consider Su Zhiyu's request carefully.

He thought to himself: "If I don't agree,If she holds a press conference tonight, my reputation will be forever tarnished;"

"And what if that benefactor of hers is bent on sticking up for her and then goes after me?

"Until Xuan Fengnian gets rid of that benefactor of hers, I can only promise her first."

What's more, now that the Su family's ocean shipping business has basically come to a halt, even if I give it to her for the time being, she won't be able to make any waves or reap any benefits!"

"When I solve the threat behind her, I can naturally still easily get these businesses back again.

Thinking of this, Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and spoke, "Good! Grandpa promises you! The Su family's ocean shipping business will be yours from now on. If it's convenient, you can come to Suhang to find grandpa, and grandpa will make all the relevant documents and contracts and hand them over to you personally!

Su Zhiyu said: 'Grandpa, to be honest, I still have a grudge against you, so I may not be able to face you for the time being, as for the contract, I will ask a lawyer to help me.


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Su Chengfeng hesitated for only three seconds and said quickly: " No problem! In that case, I will have Su Anshun go to Suhang, and you can find a lawyer to match with him, and after the match is completed, the Su family's ocean shipping group will be yours!