Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2849

 Su Zhiyu's guess about Su Zhifei was indeed accurate.

The first thing Su Zhi Fei did after she returned to her room was to immediately report the conversation she had just had with her, one by one, to Su Chengfeng.

When Su Chengfeng heard Su Zhifei say that Su Zhiyu had decided to subject herself to legal sanctions at tonight's conference, his entire body felt overwhelmed with anxiety.

He naturally had a way to save himself from legal punishment, but what he was really worried about was that he would never be able to make a comeback after being messed up by her like this.

Because, as long as he did not ambush the law, the people of the country will not easily forget this matter, then, as long as he still appears in the public eye, the public will feel that he is a criminal who should go to jail.

In this way, no matter where you go, you will be shouted at as if you were a street rat.

In the piece of fame, one will never be able to turn over a new leaf.

Just when he didn't know how to stop Su Zhiyu from denouncing himself at the launch, Su Zhi Fei said another piece of information that made his jaw drop.

Su Zhi Fei said: '"I have probed Zhiyu's mouth, it seems, she is likely to have a private affair with that mysterious expert, I think, that mysterious expert should know that Zhiyu came to Jinling, so he rushed over, so that also explains why he was able to save Zhiyu and my mother together in the first moment of the incident!

After listening to this, Su Chengfeng's entire palm was covered in sweat.

He found that things had indeed been going in the worst direction.

I was afraid that Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing survived, but both of them came back as if they were fine;

I was afraid that Su Zhiyu was saved by the Japanese Chinese master, and it turned out to be him;

I was afraid that Su Zhiyu has been backed by this person, the results did not expect, the two people really seem to have male and female love affair of children.

Now this situation, Su Chengfeng can think of the best solution, is to hurry and Su Zhiyu repair relationship.

In addition, there seems to be no better choice.

If you can repair the relationship with Su Zhiyu as soon as possible, you can temporarily stabilize Su Zhiyu's emotions and behavior, not only hair.

The trouble of the announcement can be saved, and the threat of that mysterious expert will be much lessened.

In that case, you can also win more initiative.

It is possible to let Su Zhiyu down completely, so that through her to find out the specific information of the expert, then find a way to completely solve the expert, and then find an opportunity to send Su Zhiyu abroad under house arrest, all the crisis can be lifted.

Thinking of this, Su Chengfeng made up his mind and said to Su Zhifei, "I'll call Zhiyu right away and see if I can persuade her."

Su Zhifei said, "Grandpa, if you call Zhiyu at this time, won't she know that I'm secretly communicating with you?"

Su Chengfeng said lightly: "With Zhiyu's intelligence, even if I do not call her, you suddenly go back to ask her this, she should have guessed.

The reason why she told you this is that she wanted to use your mouth to pass these words to me and then come to negotiate terms with me.

Su Chengfeng still knows this granddaughter of his very well