Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2847

 Sure enough.

As soon as Su Zhi Fei heard this, his whole body instantly tensed up.

He knew that Su Zhiyu and his mother had been saved by his benefactor this time.

He also knew that this benefactor had a mysterious identity and superb strength.

In the past, the two top experts of the Su family were Elder He and He Hongsheng.

He Lao was infinitely close to breaking through the third meridian.

And He Hongsheng was even more powerful, as he was one of the very few people who could break through the third meridian.

But even He Hongsheng's strength would be on a par with that of a Japanese ninja's upper ninja.

But when he was in Japan, he easily killed several ninjas, including an upper ninja!

If you do the math, you can beat He Hong Sheng by at least two to Three.

And that's with no damage to themselves.

This kind of strength was simply unheard of in the domestic martial arts field.

Even a four-star martial artist would not be enough, not to mention a three-star martial artist.

What made Su Zhi Fei feel even more worried was that he also didn't know what kind of relationship Su Zhiyu had with that benefactor.

Or, whether there was any substantial progress or not.

He also realised that Su Zhiyu was hiding something from herself regarding the matter of her benefactor saving her this time, in case she and her benefactor really had an affair, that would be the end, with his help, even if she couldn't bring down the Su family, it could still kill the old man!

Moreover, Su Zhiyu has said herself that she will only marry her benefactor in her life and will not look at any other men, so it is possible that the two of them may really have something.


"This is bad. This is bad," Su Zhi Fei said, panicking in his heart.

He thought to himself, "I should have thought that that benefactor might have taken a liking to Zhiyu!

Otherwise, he couldn't have saved Zhiyu once in Kyoto and then come to Jinling to save her again!

"This is really bad

Thinking of this, Su Zhi Fei asked tentatively, "Zhiyu, do you know the exact identity of your father-in-law? You two wouldn't be together, would you?"

Su Zhiyu was silent for a moment and said seriously, "Brother, there are some things I promised my benefactor not to say to the public, not even to you, you must understand.

There was no exaggeration in what Su Zhiyu said.

She had indeed promised Ye Chen not to reveal his identity to the public, as well as the specific details of how she had saved her.