Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2844

 At the very least, it was no longer in line with the basic requirements for a brother in her Su Zhiyu's heart.

So, she coldly put away her manuscript and rubbed her cheeks, which had a somewhat cold, even somewhat stiff expression.

Only after trying to make herself look natural did she speak, "Brother, come in, the door is unlocked."

Su Zhi Fei hurriedly pushed the door open and entered.

As soon as he entered, he immediately locked the door behind him and then looked at Su Zhiyao.

When he saw nothing unusual in her expression, he smiled and said, "Zhiyu, why do you suddenly want to start a conference?

Su Zhiyu said seriously, "That time when such a major incident happened in the tunnel, the whole country was concerned about my mother and I's safety, I felt the need to explain it publicly so that those good:hearted people who care about us can rest assured."

"Su Zhi Fei nodded gently and smiled, "So that's how it is! You're right, ever since you and Mum's accident, the whole country has been very concerned about your comfort!

"Moreover, there are also many people who have spontaneously gone out to look for various valuable clues, and there are even many analysis groups set up online, where people work together as a group and analyse clues related to the incident, which is really very enthusiastic!"

And we do need to let them know that you and Mum have returned safely!


Su Zhiyu nodded and asked, pretending to be curious: "Right, brother, didn't you go to the venue to work? It's just a little thing, it's worth a trip back?

Su Zhi Fei laughed and said, "Harm! I was worried about you, I was afraid you would get too emotional thinking about the launch, so I came back to check on you.

Su Zhiyu said softly, "Brother, thank you!"

"Brother and sister, why are you so polite."

Su Zhifei patted Su Zhiyu's head and said, "Oh yes, what are you going to say at the launch this time?

Su Zhiyu said casually, "Actually, there's not much to say, I've summed it up, there are basically three points.

"The first point is definitely to tell everyone that my mother and I are back safely and to reassure everyone.

"The second point is to tell everyone that we were saved by a mysterious benefactor, who also gave us a high level of medical treatment, as an opportunity to thank him on the one hand, and to dispel the curiosity of the general public on the other.

"As for the third point, it is to explain my attitude towards this matter, after all, the whole country knows,this matter is done by the Su family, even it is grandfather's manipulation, I want to be at the launch. I want to shout at him in the air and ask him to apologize and go to the police station voluntarily Turn himself in, after all, he was already suspected of intentional murder.

When Su Zhi Fei heard this, he immediately got nervous and said offhandedly: 'Zhi Yu ah, the first two points are fine, but this third point, isn't it a bit radical?"

"Radical?" Su Zhiyu asked her brother rhetorically, "He poisoned her and nearly killed us both! I just asked him to apologize and to face the law, and that's radical? What about what he did? Is he a callous, heartless, beast?

Su Zhifei was sweating and said, "Zhiyu, you must know that he is after all your grandfather and mine, and of all the younger siblings, he loves you the most! Look at the names he gave us, which one of them is a reflection of his many requests? Only you, he just wants you to be happy and joyful, nothing else is important"'.

Su Zhiyu looked at Su Zhifei, deep inside she was already disappointed.

At this moment, she could already confirm that her brother was, in fact, siding with Grandpa, the murderer.

However, she did not show her disappointment, but nodded slightly and said blandly, "Brother, I admit what you said, but when you do something, you must be fair and objective!

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"So many things must be sorted out like items, one piece is one and one size fits all!"

'It's not because he used to be nice to me that I can forgive him for trying to kill my mother!