Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2843

 Su Zhi Fei had been busy with the concert at the venue recently, and had come out early in the morning to supervise the work. Therefore, although he had seen the news that his sister was going to hold a launch event, he had not been able to ask her what she was planning to do.

So, he said to Su Chengfeng, "Grandpa, I happen to be busy with something today, so I haven't had a chance to talk to Zhiyu in detail, why don't you wait for me for a while, I'll call her and ask her.

Su Chengfeng said, " Don't call, many details can't be detected over the phone, so you should hurry back and talk to Zhiyu face to face, it's better to bypass your mother and your grandfather and ask Zhiyu in private, ask her what her plans are, I also need to make preparations early."

Su Chengfeng was really afraid that Su Zhiyu would turn the tables on himself at the press conference.

If people outside scolded him, it would be a group of people without a head and a mouthful of spittle.

But if Su Zhiyu took the lead in scolding himself, then there would be a very clear path for the anger of hundreds of millions of people across the country to be vented, and there would be people marching on the streets with banners scolding him.

Su Zhi Fei sensed that his grandfather was very nervous about this matter, so he hurriedly said: "Okay grandpa, I'll be right back, I'll report back to you first if there's any progress!

Su Chengfeng instructed: "I'm not just asking you to inquire Zhiyu's thoughts, you still have to find a way to persuade him that she should let go of her hatred, you have to let him know that she is a member of the Su family, not the Du family, she and the Su family are one, one glory and one loss, now that the Su family is in internal and external trouble, they can't consume themselves anymore!"

Su Zhi Fei hurriedly said, "I know grandpa, don't worry, I will try my best to persuade her!"

Good.". Su Chengfeng said somewhat decrepitly, "Make sure to do your best to persuade her to handle this matter gently! As long as you can persuade her, grandpa will definitely not treat you badly!

Hearing these words, Su Zhi Fei agreed inwardly with excitement and hurriedly drove back home.

At the old Du family residence, Su Zhiyue locked herself in her room and was preparing the manuscript for tonight's launch.

Tonight's launch was the start of her three-year plan and was extremely significant for herself, so she could not afford to make any mistakes.

Su Zhi Fei knocked at the door and asked, "Zhiyu, can I come in?"

When Su Zhiyu heard her brother's voice, her expression was a little cold all of a sudden.

She had been guessing for the past two days that her brother's private connection with grandfather Su Chengfeng was probably very close, and even his heart had probably fallen to grandfather in full.

But she didn't have any 

There is no evidence that can prove it.

So, today was actually a test for her to test Su Zhi Fei.

She knew that Su Zhi Fei had gone to the venue early in the morning to make preparations for Gu Qiuyi's concert.

So she thought that if Su Zhi Fei had suddenly dropped his own business to rush back after he was going to have a launch party, then there was at least a 70% chance that he had fallen back on his grandfather.

Moreover, if Su Zhi Fei had rushed back for this matter, and if he had said good words to grandpa in front of himself and begged for forgiveness for him, then there was a 100% chance that he had already completely turned against him!

If Su Zhi Fei had really turned against him, Su Zhiyu would not only have to be on guard against him, but she would also be unable to forgive him.

Because she felt that what grandpa Su Chengfeng had done this time was inhumane and had almost killed her mother and herself!

In the face of such a great right and wrong, her brother should have stood on the side of justice and affection, on the same side with herself and her mother.

If, in the face of such a great right and wrong, he had instead stood by Grandpa's side, it would prove that in his eyes, the importance of money and status had completely overridden justice and affection.

If that were the case, it would also prove that he, as a brother, had lost the humanity that a normal person should have.