Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2840

Su Shoudao went forward and spread out the bedding, inside was a quilt, a mattress and a pillow.

As soon as he saw the humble three-piece set, he couldn't help but stomp his foot and curse: " Damn it! I spent 100 million dollars, but how come all the bedding is second-hand? I spent 100 million dollars, but how come the bedding is second-hand?

Su Shoudao was furious and kicked the pillow far away from him and rushed out to the room on his right.

As soon as he entered, he smelled a long-standing stench.

When he looked down, he saw that this was not a fucking room, it was a dry toilet with a roof!

There was nothing in the room but a deep pit dug in the middle, two wooden planks and a hole in the middle, which was the shit pit.

Su Shoudao almost collapsed.

"Who the hell can stand it if we have to shovel the pit every once in a while from now on?

"The point is, there's only one broken window in this shitty house, and the ventilation isn't very good, so if we get a big one here, how long will it take for the stench to dissipate?"

In this instant, Su Shoudao felt that his future life was already full of darkness.

Here, he had no personal belongings, no mobile phone, no computer, no internet, not even a cup to drink water. In the future, he would only be able to sleep on the straw every day, and when he woke up, he could only sit on the worn out wooden chair, or in this empty Yard.

There was nothing to put in the yard.

It's even more miserable than prison, come to think of it.

After all, when you're in prison, you can at least use a flush toilet, you can talk to your cellmates, you can occasionally watch TV in the canteen, and you can read the newspaper when you're back in your cell.

But what can I do here? There is no one to talk to.

When he thought of this, Su Shoudao, an old man in his fifties, couldn't help but shed tears.

He was not like the average middle-aged man.

The vast majority of middle-aged people had suffered a lot in their early years.

But Su Shoudao was born with the golden key more than 50 years ago.

He had never suffered any hardship in his life, nor had he ever been tired, and the worst thing he had done was to be sent to Australia.

However, even during the time he was sent to Australia, he lived in a large villa by the sea every day.

It was a paradise compared to here.

Just when he was extremely miserable, someone opened the courtyard door and entered the courtyard.

Su Shoudao hurriedly went out and saw Zhao Yinsheng, led by a few soldiers, striding in.

When Zhao Yinsheng saw Su Shoudao, he said, "Mr. Su, we are going to leave for China soon, so we came to see you before we leave.

Su Shoudao said without tears, "Brother Zhao, the condition of this place is really too bad.

Zhao Yin said "Mr. Su is an old comrade, you can overcome some difficulties by gritting your teeth.

Su Shoudao said, "No, old brother, the conditions are really too bad. Even the donkeys of the production team in earlier years were in better condition than mine!

Zhao Yinsheng waved his hand and said apologetically, "Sorry Mr. Su, I'm in a hurry, I have to leave soon, so I won't go in and take a look."

After saying that, he asked with a smile, "I wonder if you have anything else to explain?"

Su Shoudao was tempted to say, "Please go back and tell Ye Chen that I, Su Shoudao, have to grass his eight generations of ancestors!

But such words, he would never dare to say.

He could only choke back a sob and ask, "Old Brother Zhao, can you please give a message to Mr. Ye?"

Zhao Yinsheng nodded: "Go ahead, as long as the words are not personal attacks, I will try my best to bring them.

Su Shoudao said: " Can you ask him to give a message to Commander Hamid, at least give me some furniture, I can't just sleep in a haystack all the time.

I don't even have a teacup or a toothbrush. Can you give my daughter a chance to send me some daily necessities from China?

Zhao Yinsheng said with a sarcastic smile, "Mr. Su, I'm not trying to discourage you, you are quite knowledgeable, but which domestic courier company do you see that dares to take Syrian shipments?