Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2836

 The other party grunted and said: ''I, Xuan, like killing people invisibly, and I like killing experts the most, I like to see those so-called experts, unaccountably and tragically die in my hands, but never know what caused their death until they die, this feeling, like God, can sway everything!

Su Chengfeng was so excited that he asked offhandedly, "Master Xuan, can you kill a four-star martial artist?

"A four-star martial artist?" The other party asked in surprise, "Do you know a four-star martial artist? As far as I know, there are no more four-star martial artists in the country, right?"

Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, one just came out this morning!"

The other party laughed and said: 'Four-star martial artists are not easy to kill, if you want me to give it a try, then double the money for me.

The extreme depression and anger in Su Chengfeng's heart had long been burning all over his body, and when he heard this, he did not hesitate to say, " Master Xuan, money is not a problem, but you have to finish off that expert in Jinling first.

The other party gave a hint and said, "Don't worry, I'll kill him first and then come back to talk to you about the four-star martial artist."

After saying that, the other party simply hung up the phone.

The Master Xuan that Su Chengfeng spoke of was a Chinese-born master of metaphysics that he had asked someone to bring from the UK, his full name was Xuan Fengnian.

There has been a lineage of metaphysics in Chinese since ancient times, with secret feng shui techniques, qigong insect compulsions and even The Eight Trigrams of the I Ching and the Qi Men Dun Jia are all part of the metaphysical - chakra.

However, because of the vast expanse of China, customs, habits and preferences vary from place to place, and so esotericism is generally more prevalent in the south.

Hong Kong, in particular, has been a bridgehead for the development of metaphysics over the past one to two centuries.

In Hong Kong, feng shui masters and masters of metaphysics are not feudal superstitions that only the poor believe in.

On the contrary, the richer the people, the more they believe in feng shui and metaphysics.

There are many top tycoons in Hong Kong who are worth over US$100 billion or even US$100 billion, and all of them, without exception, believe in metaphysics.

Not only do the top tycoons believe in feng shui, but even the celebrities in the entertainment industry are also very keen on feng shui metaphysics.

It was in Hong Kong that Xuan Fengnian started out as a teacher and grew to become the most famous metaphysical master on Hong Kong Island, even becoming the royal master of the Li family in Hong Kong.

More than ten years ago, the Li family wanted to shift their capital and business to the UK, so they invited Xuan Fengnian to the UK.

In the past ten years or so in the UK, relying on the resources of the Li family, Xuan Fengnian had indeed grown considerably, not only making a lot of money, but also taking on a wide range of disciples.

But he did not expect that the Li family would make one major mistake after another in its strategic direction in the past few years, so that its wealth kept shrinking  At the same time, the reputation is getting worse and worse, and it has become a street rat.

This led to Xuan Fengnian being implicated as well.

He does not know feng shui, but specialises in Miaojiang compulsions and some underhanded things that harm others and benefit himself. After the Li family started to keep their tails between their legs, they immediately drew a line in the sand with him.

This time, Su Chengfeng asked someone to find him and offered him 100 million pounds to come to Jinling to kill a man, so Xuan Fengnian had never used his learned poisonous methods to harm people in his life.

However, although the pay was high, the mission was also relatively tricky.

The most ridiculous thing was that he still didn't know who he was going to kill.

When he used to do things for people, they would just give him information about the competitor they wanted to target.

For example, who the other person's surname was, his birth date, his ancestors. Where their ancestors were, or even where their ancestral graves were, would all be investigated first, and then he would make his move directly after getting this information.

This time, Su Chengfeng also did not know the exact clues of that mysterious expert, so he could only let Xuan Fengnian come over and let him use his metaphysical methods to find out the person first, and then finish him off!