Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2832

 When He Yingxiu saw that he was deadly serious, he immediately gave up communicating with him normally and scolded him directly, "Where did you get all that nonsense? If I tell you to go back and convey the message, you should go back and convey it obediently. If you keep talking nonsense, do you believe that I will kick you back?"

After saying that, she made a gesture to kick.

He Yingdong was still thinking of arguing with his sister, but when he heard this, he immediately gave up all thoughts and hurriedly replied, "I'll go now, okay?"

After saying that, he slinked away and ran back.

At that moment, the forty to fifty people from the He family who were willing to follow He Yingquan to Suhang had already started to load their luggage onto the car.

Among them were He Hongsheng's second brother, He Yingquan's second uncle's entire family, as well as He Yingquan's own brother, He Yingfei's family, and He Yingquan's cousin's uncle, He Hongsheng's cousin's family.

When He Ying Dong ran back, he did not stop these people from loading the car, but ran into the home and said to the rest of the people, "Gentlemen, my father has said that he wants everyone to wait in the main hall, and that he is currently worshipping his ancestors and will return to the main hall later to make an important announcement to everyone."

Someone asked, "Ying Dong, what important announcement does your father have to make?"

He Yingdong shook his head, "I don't know exactly what it is, let's all wait together!"

At ten o'clock in the morning, the Su family's motorcade left on time, carrying He Yingquan and over forty other He family members all the way south.

On the way, these He family members were all in a very excited mood.

It was because Su Anshun had told them that Su Chengfeng, the Su family's lord, was willing to give them an annual reward of one billion RMB.

In fact, it was very meaty for Su Chengfeng to give this amount of money.

The true gods had not been invited, and a bunch of minions had been invited, and half of the budget had to be spent, which was really a loss to the extreme.

However, he did not dare to joke about his own life and safety at this time, even if there was only a small half of the He family, he had to pull them in.

The money would only be paid for a year at most anyway, and when the troubles and crisis were solved, the price would not be the same next year, or even if he found better help and swept the gang out of the house.

Not long after the caravan left the Ho family, He Hongsheng finished paying respects to the ancestors of the Ho family and returned to the Ho mansion.

The remaining 70 to 80 members of the He family were all waiting anxiously in the main hall.

All of them were whispering in small groups, discussing the group of He family members who had just left and what important announcement the old man had to make later.

These people had chosen to stay, partly because they had immense respect and trust for He Hongsheng, and partly because they wanted to be able to practise martial arts properly and did not see money in their eyes.

At this moment, they were all waiting for He Hongsheng to arrive, waiting for him to unveil the mystery for them.

At a quarter past ten, He Hongsheng, accompanied by He Yingxiu, stepped into the main hall.

Seeing the 70 to 80 people left, He Hongsheng's expression was majestic, but also a little relieved.

When the crowd saw him, they were all a little stunned for a moment.

The cultivation level of these people was not as high as that of He Hongsheng, so they could not tell what his cultivation level was now, but they could all feel that He Hongsheng seemed to be younger and more powerful today than before.

At this moment, He Hongsheng looked at the crowd and said indifferently: "Just now some people left, everyone Must have all seen it too."

One by one, the crowd did not dare to say anything, not knowing whether the old man was happy or sad or angry.

He Hongsheng, however, smiled openly and spoke, "The He Family, as a family bent on moving forward, is like a revolutionary team, and in this team, dropping out and quitting are allowed, but only dragging one's feet is not allowed, so the departure of these people is definitely a good thing, not a bad thing, for those of us who are left."

After saying this, he took on a more serious tone and continued, "Now, I formally announce that the He family has officially drawn a clear line with those who have left the He family today, from now on, there will be no more involvement with them, and they will never be allowed to return to the He family in the future. "

The crowd's expressions could not help but be somewhat astonished.

This was tantamount to a complete break with grace and justice?

There were not only the old master's own sons, but also his own brother, as well as his cousin.

Did the old man not feel the slightest bit of pain or desire to redeem himself?

Just as the crowd had not yet recovered from the shock, He Hongsheng cleared his throat and said again, "Next, I have a very important announcement to make!"

The crowd had thought that the decision to draw a clear line with those people just now was the important matter that the old man had mentioned.

Little did they know that what was really important was something else.

So, everyone was in high spirits, waiting for the mystery to be solved.

He Hongsheng could not hide his excitement at this moment and said, "Just this morning, I opened up my fourth meridian!"

At these words, the whole audience was appalled!