Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2829

 Seeing He Hongsheng's resolute attitude, Su Anshun's heart was in a panic. He didn't know why this old man, He Hongsheng, had suddenly changed his mind, and he didn't know how he should go back to Master Su to report his orders.

He cried and pleaded, and said, "Old man He, it's not that you're not satisfied with the money, it doesn't matter, if you're not satisfied, you can just ask for it. "

"Three billion?!" He Yingquan, who was on the side, was on the verge of going crazy.

He no longer had time to think about what exactly three billion was, he could only tell himself inwardly that by adding half directly to the original two billion illusion, all the mansions located all over the world could be bought bigger, the luxury yachts could be half as big, and the private jets could be half as big!

He Yingquan stared at his father with bloodshot eyes and blurted out, "Dad! Why are you still hesitating? It's three billion!"

He Hongsheng coldly shouted, "Even if it's 30 billion, I still refuse!"

Su Anshun was stunned.

He was still The thought was that if He Hongsheng was still not satisfied with the offer of three billion, he would go up a bit more himself.

But now, it seemed that there was no longer any need to increase it at all.

With a gradually gloomy expression, he nodded heavily and said, ''Fine! Fine! You He's are really good!"

After saying that, he pointed at He Hongsheng and said through clenched teeth, "Old man He, you don't want to eat the penalty wine in respect of the wine, I'll put this account down for the master first, if you are made to pay it back with interest in the future, then you must not regret it, don't blame me for not reminding you today!"

He Hongsheng said in a stern voice, "If you want to write it down, then write it down, I, He Hongsheng, have never been a person who is afraid of trouble!"

After saying that, he slapped the table and said in a cold voice, "Someone! Send the guests away!"

"No need!" Su Anshun gritted his teeth and blurted out, "I'll go by myself!"

After saying that, he glared at He Hongsheng with hatred and left the dining hall without looking back.

He Yingquan stomped his feet in anxiety and blurted out, "Dad! Are you out of your mind? We can't afford to offend the Su family!"

He Hongsheng said coldly, "I am the head of the He family, and I will bear all the consequences."

He Yingquan knew that he could not persuade his father, so in his desperation, he turned around and ran out after Su Anshun.

Su Anshun arrived at the outside of the He family's mansion in anger and resentment, and a convoy of several buses and trucks just happened to be driving over in a big way.

The bus at the front of the line had just stopped, so Su Anshun stepped up and said directly to the driver, "Just myself, to the airport!"

As the driver was surprised, He Yingquan flew all the way to the bus, holding the door frame of the bus, and said to Su Anshun on top, "Housekeeper Su, please calm down!"

"Calm down?" Su Anshun looked at He Yingquan angrily, "I'm not angry at all! Your He family is now capable! We'll see about that!"

He Yingquan said, "Steward Su, listen to me, my father is a stubborn old man, give me some time, I will persuade him properly. I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer!"

Su Anshun said disdainfully, "Come on He Yingquan, what kind of character is your family's old man? I know very well, if you could persuade him, then you would be the head of the He family now instead of him! The fact that he is still unwilling to pass the throne to you in his eighties is a clear sign of distrust in your abilities! Since he doesn't even trust you, how could he possibly listen to you?"

He Yingquan blushed at Su Anshun's words.

Although Su Anshun had the intention to sow discord, his words were not without some truth.