Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2828

 Su Anshun was holding a bowl of ballast porridge, sucking it into his mouth while chewing on the slightly hard corn ballast with great relish, his mouth reading: "I didn't expect that this porridge made of coarse grains and stew would have a different flavour.

He said, and picked up a fist-sized meat bun, a mouth full of oil, but also bite off the meat filling inside that is bigger than a ping-pong ball.

"Yummy, yummy!" Su Anshun was in a delightful mood with a look of relish.

This time out, he had quickly and smoothly completed the task given by his lord, helping him to solve his pressing problems, so it was considered a victory.

So it was only natural that he was in a good mood.

He was now just waiting for the caravan to arrive and bring all of He's family to Suhang in one go, when Master would surely be able to breathe a complete sigh of relief. 

As he was thinking about it, He Hongsheng and He Yingxiu walked over quickly.

As soon as Su Anshun looked up and saw the two, he was a little surprised and smiled with a few flattering smiles, "Aiya, Elder He! Aigoo! Yingxiu is back too! How wonderful! Master will be very happy to have Ying Xiu back this time!"

Su Anshun didn't think much of the He family People, in his eyes, the He family were nothing but the underlings of the Su family, and they were underlings who relied on fighting and killing to get a foothold.

As for himself, although he was also a subordinate, he was at least the head of the subordinates.

In other words, of all the dogs the Su family had raised, he was the one with the most honourable status.

However, he was the only one who had a high regard for He Yingxiu, because after all, He Yingxiu was the woman of Su Shoudao, the youngest master of the Su family, and although she did not have a name, she had at least given Su Shoudao a daughter, so he naturally treated He Yingxiu with a little more courtesy.

What's more, Su Shoudao's hairy wife Du Haiqing had already made up her mind to divorce Su Shoudao, and after the car accident orchestrated by the old man, she would definitely be completely clear of the Su family, so that He Yingxiu would be able to appear in the He family openly and honestly!

In case Su Shoudao returned one day, it was possible that there would be a follow-up with He Yingxiu.

It was because of this that Su Anshun had a few ingratiating words for He Yingxiu.

When He Yingxiu saw Su Anshun, he greeted him in a nonchalant tone: " Hello, housekeeper Su.

Su Anshun smiled and said, "Yingxiu, we haven't seen each other for some years.

He Yingxiu nodded: "Yes, it's been some years."

Su AnShun laughed: ''I didn't expect that even you would be reappearing this time, what an unexpected surprise!

On the side, He Hongsheng said indifferently: ''Anshun, please report to Master Su when you return, the He family can't cooperate with the Su family this time, and please forgive me, Master Su.

When Su Anshun heard this, he asked, dumbfounded, "Elder He, what are you singing again? ! The bus convoy will be arriving soon!"

He Hongsheng handed back the one billion yuan cheque to Su Anshun's hand and said seriously, "I have just made it very clear that the He family, this time, cannot cooperate with the Su family, which means that we will not be going to Suhang, so this money, please take it back to Master Su."

Su Anshun immediately became anxious and blurted out, "Elder He, you can't go back on your word! We've made a deal, how can we change it at the drop of a hat?

At this time, He Hong Sheng's eldest son, He Ying Quan, also said with a sigh of relief, "Dad! Butler Su is right, our He family has always been true to its word and has never broken it, so we can't go back on our word this time!

He Hongsheng said coldly, "Yingquan, you don't have to go to all this trouble to encourage me, I have made up my mind and will never change it!

After saying that, he looked at Su Anshun and cupped his fist, saying: "Anshun, when the car comes later, please go back with the car yourself.