Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2827

 When He Yingquan heard these words, his entire body was struck by lightning!

He hurriedly stopped in front of his father and said in an anxious and even somewhat incoherent tone, "Dad, that won't do, Dad! We can't refuse the Su family's cooperation no matter what, it's a matter of life and death for our family, dad!"

He Hongsheng couldn't help but frown and shout, "Joke! If I don't cooperate with the Su family, how does that make my family's life and death at stake? Since I don't want to cooperate with him, how can he force me to do so? How could he force me to do so?

He Yingquan almost collapsed and blurted out:


Dad! Why are you so confused? What's the size of the Su family? How can we possibly mess with them? If we don't eat the forfeit wine, then once the Su Family becomes our enemy in the future, how can we still gain a foothold in the jianghu?

He Hongsheng immediately rebuked angrily, "He Yingquan! In your eyes, is it impossible for my family to gain a foothold in the jianghu if we leave the Su family? You must not forget that my family is one of the four major martial arts families in the country! When my family was one of the four great martial arts families in the country, the Su family had nothing to do with it!

He Yingquan did not expect his father's attitude to be so firm He turned his head and stared at He Yingxiu angrily through clenched teeth, saying in a stern voice, "Yingxiu! What kind of delusion did you put into your father's head when you came back? Do you know what a great opportunity is in front of us? If you miss such a great opportunity because of you, then you will be the sinner of the He family!

He Hongsheng could not bear it any longer and shouted angrily, "Enough! Shut up!

He Yingquan was startled by his father's voice.

He Hong Sheng looked at him with cold eyes and said with hatred, "I never thought that I, He Hong Sheng, could raise such a soft-boned son! He Yingquan, I have made the decision not to cooperate with the Su family and will never change it again. If you say one more word, I will punish you with a month of confinement!

He Yingquan instantly felt like five thunderstorms.

He knew that he was missing out on a huge sum of $2 billion a year.

This amount of money could have allowed himself to live the most luxurious life in this world.

What mansions, yachts and planes were no longer a dream with this money.

What's a villa in Sanya? With two billion, he could buy a villa in Hong Kong, a villa in America, a villa in France and Switzerland!

With two billion, he can buy a luxury cruise ship with everything to go around the world .

With two billion, he could buy a private jet and go wherever he wanted 24/7!

At that time, he would not need to guard a small desert city!

At that time, there was no need for him to stay in this freezing cold place!

This was the pinnacle of his life!

However, all this beautiful dream lasted only for one night, and was completely shattered before the sun came out at dawn this morning.

Seeing him as if he had lost his soul, He Hongsheng sighed with a sigh of relief, then with a flip of his hand, he said to He Yingxiu, "Yingxiu, follow me to Su Anshun!"

He Yingxiu hurriedly nodded, "Yes dad!

Seeing his father and sister brush their sleeves away, He Yingquan hurriedly followed them, at this moment he had already made a decision deep inside his heart, since his father was stubborn, he would simply split the family with him! At that time, he would take away all those in the He family who were willing to cooperate with the Su family and leave Desert City to enjoy glory and wealth!

At this moment, Su Anshun was leisurely eating his breakfast in the He family's dining hall.

The He family had a large population and a large dining area, so hundreds of people could eat in this dining hall at the same time.