Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2826

 He Yingxiu thought of Ruo Li in Japan, the entire Matsumoto family extermination, can not help but sigh: "Ruo Li this child, before is too hostile, this also blame Su family, has been using her as a knife, the accumulation of murderous energy is too heavy ......"

"Yes ......" He Hongsheng sighed: "Not to talk about this, Yingxiu ah, I know you are still not willing to give up Ruo Li in your heart, why don't I choose some people from the younger generation of the family, when they are in groups of three or five, take turns to go out What do you think?"

He Yingxiu hesitated for a moment and said, "Dad, I don't think so, let's go to Jinling to see Young Master Ye first, and put the matter of finding Ruo Li on hold."

There were times when He Yingxiu could barely contain herself and wanted to tell her father about her daughter Ruo Li's current situation, to reassure him on the one hand, and to comfort him on the other.

More importantly, if her father really wanted to let Ruo Li inherit the family headship in the future, she, as a mother, would naturally be willing to do so, and if the old man knew about Ruo Li's situation, he would also be able to plan ahead.

However, every time the words came to her lips, she swallowed them back.

She felt that since she had already agreed to Mr. Ye's request for secrecy, it was even her own father She also absolutely could not make an exception, otherwise what integrity was there to speak of.

She thought that after the old man had gone to Jinling, as young master Ye gradually became familiar with the old man, perhaps he would allow Ruo Li to meet with the old man in private.

On the side, He Hongsheng didn't think much about it either, he looked at the time and spoke, "Go, go and find Su Anshun and make things clear before it's too late."

He Yingxiu nodded and asked, "Dad, if the Su family blames you, what are you going to do?"

He Hongsheng said blandly, "When the Su family is using people, naturally they can't spare the energy to deal with us, what's more, since we are siding with the young master of the Ye family, we don't have to worry about the Su family targeting us, if the young master of the Ye family gives an order for us to deal with the Su family, we might even tear our faces off one step ahead of the Su family, after all, people are their masters, this is the rule of the jianghu. "

He Yingxiu sighed in relief and said, "I understand dad."

As he was talking, there was a knock on the door outside the study.

He Hongsheng said, "Come in."

He Yingquan then pushed open the door, gave He Yingxiu a wary look and said to He Hongsheng, "Dad, you haven't finished on your side, have you? Butler Su got up and is having breakfast. He said he wants to ask you about the details ."

He Hongsheng nodded, "Just in time, I am looking for him on an important matter, let's go together."

He Yingquan's heart thudded and he thought to himself, "Something important? What's so important? You're not going to back out after talking to He Yingxiu for a while, are you? That's two billion a year!"

Thinking of this, he hurriedly and tentatively asked, "Dad ...... what is it that you want to see housekeeper Su about? It's not that there's been some change in the cooperation, right?!"

He Hongsheng glanced at him, seeing this eldest son of his with a face full of tension, that look as if he had lost two billion dollars, his heart could not help but feel a little disgusted.

As they say, dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes. I have been obsessed with martial arts all my life and have never been greedy for so-called glory and wealth, but why did I give birth to such a bastard?

Thinking of this, he said in an unkind tone, "What? Are you worried about a change in cooperation?"

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He Yingquan's heart tightened and he hurriedly said, "Dad, the terms of cooperation offered by the Su family this time are once in a lifetime, so you must not make an irrational judgment in the heat of the moment!"

He Hongsheng snorted coldly, "Humph! Unreasonable judgement? To tell you the truth, I've already decided not to cooperate with the Su family, so I'm going to tell Su Anshun face to face now!