Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2819

 He Hongsheng's lifelong pursuit was to make the He family flourish in his own hands.

To this end, he could give everything, even if it was his own life.

That was why he was able to endure the blood feud of his granddaughter Su Ruoli in front of two billion dollars, because in his view, his granddaughter was certainly important, but it was indeed less important than the future of the entire He family.

However, when he met He Yingxiu, who had achieved great success in the Ren Pulse, he immediately realised that this kind of chance was far more important and rare than money. With two billion RMB in hand, he could only ensure that a few dozen of the He family's children could receive some help in their cultivation, but the help that those ordinary medicinal herbs could provide was not that great, and even if he spent all two billion on one person, it would still be impossible for him to achieve great success in the Ren Pulse.

Therefore, he could tell which was more important.

So, he suppressed the shock in his heart and once again sought confirmation from He Yingxiu: "Yingxiu, is it really because of taking this divine pill that your Ren Vessel has become a great success and your Governor Vessel has increased from 20% to 40%?


"That's right." He Yingxiu nodded and said seriously, "Dad, my words are not proof, you will know if you take one!"

He Hongsheng put one of the pills to his mouth, hesitated for a moment and then put it down again, smiling and sighing, "I am already eighty-three years old, so if this divine pill is really that miraculous, it would be a waste for an old man like me to take it, so in my opinion, why don't we call your elder brother over and let him try it out?"

He Yingxiu hurriedly said, "Dad, you are the head of the family, and you need to make the decision personally whether or not our family will cooperate with Young Master Ye in the future, so you should take one first and see the effect. In that case, the strength of our He family will definitely be able to advance one step further!"

He Hongsheng thought for a moment, nodded his head and sighed, "Then I'll take one and try it out!"

After saying that, he put the pill in his hand into In the mouth.

The potion melts in the mouth.

The surging internal energy spreads from the abdomen towards the whole body, passing through the three meridians that He Hongsheng had opened and converging on the Dantian.

The Ren channel, originally 70% opened, was instantly stimulated by this powerful internal energy to become a great success!

The Governor's Vessel, which was originally 50% open, was also stimulated to 70% by the medicine.

The Pushing Vessel, which had originally opened at 20%, was doubled to 40% this time!

And the fourth meridian, the Belt Vessel, which he had been desperately wanting to open for decades, was also showing signs of loosening!

He Hong Sheng was overjoyed and thought he had a chance to open up the Belt Vein, so he immediately sat down on the ground and desperately used the surging internal energy in his body to make an impact on the Belt Vein.

For ordinary people, the eight meridians are naturally closed, so if a martial artist wants to surpass ordinary people in terms of strength, he has to do everything he can to open up the eight meridians that were originally closed.

However, it is very difficult to open the eight meridians.