Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2818

 It seemed to He Hongsheng that the pool of water had always been the size of a basketball court and had not changed.

He could not see the degree of smoothness of He Yingxiu's Ren and Du channels with his naked eyes, but he only had a vague feeling that He Yingxiu's overall level had improved greatly, which is why it gave him the impression that the same pool of water had suddenly become much deeper.

He Yingxiu looked at his puzzled father and took the initiative to stretch out his only remaining left arm, bringing his palm upwards in front of He Hongsheng and said, "Dad, I know you have a lot of doubts, but there is no proof in my words, so you can check my pulse and we will know."

He had this intention, so he hurriedly put his finger on He Yingxiu's pulse and then checked it with his internal energy.

At this look, He Hong Sheng was dumbfounded.

He said with a trembling voice as if he had been struck by lightning: "Yingxiu ...... you ...... have actually become a great success in your Ren pulse? How is this ...... possible? ...... In all the years I have been practicing martial arts, I have never heard of anyone being able to achieve great success in the Ren vein ...... In all the ancestors of the He family over the past few hundred years, no one has ever been able to achieve great success in the Ren vein. No one has ever been able to break through to over 90% of the Ren Chakra, and the strongest recorded person was only 80% ...... you How on earth did that happen?!"

He Yingxiu said seriously, "Dad, this is what I told you on the phone, I found out this time that we are just frogs at the bottom of the well, the so-called four martial arts families are just four small groups of people who think they are in primary schools, the real masters, who turn their hands into clouds and turn their hands into rain, are far beyond our reach!"

He Hong Sheng asked impatiently, "Ying Xiu, tell Dad, what kind of adventure did you have this time when you went to Jinling? Who is that Young Master Ye? Is he the one who helped you achieve great success with the Ren Chakra?!"

He Yingxiu nodded and said, "Dad, Young Master Ye's strength is unfathomable! And the most fortunate thing is that a man of Young Master Ye's divine abilities would take the initiative to be willing to work with our He family! This is a truly excellent opportunity for our He Family!"

He Hongsheng was impatient and pressed on, "You still haven't said how exactly Young Master Ye made you improve so quickly!"

He Yingxiu said with emotion, "My daughter was fortunate enough to receive a divine pill from Young Master Ye, and after taking it, my Ren and Du veins were greatly enhanced. It's more than a step up from earlier!"

"Divine Pill?!" He Hongsheng was dumbfounded and said with a face full of disbelief, "Our ancestors in the He family have used all sorts of means over the centuries, searched for the best herbs in the world, and even soaked themselves in a jar of medicine for their entire lives, but still no one has ever become a great success in the Ren Pulse, so what kind of divine elixir can have such miraculous effects?"

He Yingxiu took out two ordinary-looking pills from his pocket and handed them to He Hongsheng, saying, "Dad, these two are the divine pills I was talking about, Young Master Ye asked me to bring them back to you, and Young Master Ye said that if the He family agreed to cooperate with him, he would provide the He family with five divine pills each year, as well as a salary of 100 million RMB."

He Hongsheng took the elixir with both hands, his heart shocked beyond belief, and asked offhandedly, "This divine elixir, is it really that divine?!"

He Yingxiu pointed at himself and said seriously, "Dad, don't you see that I've already become a great success in the Ren Pulse? If you don't believe me, you can take one and try the effect."

He Hongsheng's heart leapt for joy and he blurted out, "If this divine pill is really that powerful, then the He family will definitely look up to Young Master Ye in the future!