Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2815

 The helicopter landed on the hard as iron ice. He Yingxiu pushed the door and jumped out without waiting for the plane to stop, thanked the pilot and said goodbye before speeding to the He family, 1.5 kilometres away.

At this time, many members of the He family had already woken up early.

The He family's habits have always been somewhat different from those of modern society, and on the contrary, have many similarities with those of the ancients.

For example, the Ho family rarely relies on modern technology in their living habits. Apart from essential things like telephones, most Ho family members rarely rely on mobile phones, computers and the internet.

The generations between the ages of eighteen and fifty are the mainstay of the Ho family, and all of them, male or female, are busy practising martial arts as long as they are in the Ho family, and no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, as soon as the rooster crows, all of them will get up within a quarter of an hour and start practising.

If there are no special circumstances, they usually keep about six hours of sleep and spend most of the rest of the time on practising martial arts.

Other elderly people who have stopped practising, and women who have married over, also get up early every day to do household chores and keep the whole family in order. Well-organised.

But today, although the He family also got up early, there were no more young and strong people practising, everyone was busy packing and organising the house.

He is dressed in his best Tang suit, with his silver hair slicked back and his grey beard deliberately groomed.

He Hongsheng walks through the front and back yards of the He family compound alone, looking at the century-old mansion, his heart inevitably a little reluctant to part with it.

He is not a money grubber, and the only temptation the Su family has promised him is to take the He family to the next level.

However, he knew very well in his heart that he was already old and senile, and even if he had a lifetime of martial arts training, he would have to depend on God's blessing if he wanted to live to be 100 years old.

So, at best, he had 20 years to live.

For him, money has long been an extraneous thing, and he has no interest in a good material life. If he puts aside the future of the Ho family, he would prefer to retire in peace in Desert City until he is buried.

It was not a comfortable thing for him to have to take his family south with him in his eighties.

It is just that there are many things he cannot help himself with, so this time he is just trying to burn out his last remaining life for his family before he dies.

This is not because He Hongsheng is pretentious and pessimistic, but he has already thought about it in his heart.

Why did the Su family's master suddenly ask Su Anshun to come over at this time to ask for a meeting and even throw out such good terms of cooperation? The only possibility was that the Su family had now encountered a strong enemy and desperately needed the He family to boost the Su family's strength in terms of force.

So, although the two billion figure was large, earning this money would certainly not be very easy.

It could be that there were countless hardships and difficulties waiting for the He family in the future.