Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2812

 For example, if one were to tell him that one's current Ren Chakra had become a great success, he would definitely think that it was a fantasy.

If one were to tell him that someone had given him a medicine and that he only needed to take one to make a sudden and even qualitative breakthrough in his cultivation, then he would be even less likely to believe that this-everything was true.

A person who is limited by his inherent perceptions will find it difficult to believe in something that is outside his perception.

Unless he is allowed to see it with his own eyes, or even experience it for himself.

Otherwise, there is no point in saying anything.

So, He Yingxiu hurriedly said, "Dad, don't rush to say yes, even if you do, don't take the whole family over right away, just wait for a little while, I have something very important to tell you in person, I'll be back tomorrow morning, I should be able to arrive in the afternoon at the earliest!

He Hongsheng said, "Yingxiu, I've already promised Su Anshun, so maybe he's already told Master Su about the situation by now."

He Yingxiu said, "It doesn't matter if I promised, his Su family can sell out their own flesh and blood, so what if we go back on our word? The point is that what I want to report to you concerns The future of the He family, you must listen to my report before making a decision!"

He Hongsheng said seriously, "Yingxiu, this is not the time to be emotional, we have to look at the big picture, we want the He family to go higher and farther, we can't be blinded by a little hatred!"

He Yingxiu was a bit anxious and said, "Dad! What I'm about to say has nothing to do with Ruoli, it's entirely because the terms offered by Young Master Ye are much better than the Su family! If you trust me, wait for me to return before making a final decision! 

He Hongsheng said with difficulty: ''But I have promised Su Anshun, tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, the bus may stop at the entrance of the He family, by then if I delay for no reason, won't I have slapped Master Su's face, in case he gets angry, it will affect the whole He family ah!

He Yingxiu did not expect that his father would turn against him so easily, and was afraid of offending Su Chengfeng, so he was angry and anxious and said, "Good!

Then I'll leave now and hurry back, I should be able to reach home before dawn, I'll explain everything to you then!

When He Hongsheng heard this, he thought to himself, "If There was no harm in Ying Xiu coming back before dawn, no matter what, as it would not affect the original plan.

So he said, "In that case, come back as soon as you can, and if there is anything we can say, let's talk face to face.

"Good!" He Yingxiu gritted her teeth and said, "Then I'll set off right now!"

After saying that, she hung up the phone and said to Su Ruoli, who was beside her, "Ruoli, mum has to go.

Su Ruoli asked, "Mom, does Grandpa insist on cooperating with the Su family?"

Yes. He Yingxiu said helplessly, " Su Anshun went to Desert City and offered your grandfather two billion dollars, your grandfather has already agreed, tomorrow morning at ten o'clock he will take his family there, I have to go back to see him before he leaves, tell him about Young Master Ye's side of things, and most importantly, take the elixir given by Young Master Ye to him, so that he can decide personally.

In his eyes, the He Family's internal fist methods, the He Family's Qi Tonic Pill and Body Awakening Soup are the best in the martial arts, the pride of the He Family and the foundation of its survival, but he doesn't even know that they are completely worthless in front of Young Master Ye's elixir!