Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2807

 At the side, He Yingquan, seeing that his father had not opened his mouth in response to Su Anshun's question, was sweating profusely.

What he was most worried about now was his father, in case his brain short-circuited and he said no to Su Anshun, it would really be a dog's fault.

So, he hurriedly spoke up, "Dad! Master Su is so sincere in inviting us back, and he even had Housekeeper Su come all the way over to personally invite us, what else do we have to hesitate about?"

He Hongsheng said to himself, "I didn't fucking hesitate, I already had it in mind, I just didn't know how to say it ......"

But on second thought, it was a good idea for his son to take this up, as it added another layer of steps between himself and Su Anshun.

Originally, he did not know how to open up, also think, just so directly agreed to, more or less appear to see the money.

Although after seeing money, one's eyes are really open, but no one wants to put such a label on it.

Since his son had asked for it first, it was like he had put on the hat of being open-minded to money first.

This would also make it easier for him to use the slope to get off.

So he nodded solemnly and said, "Housekeeper Su, Yingquan is right, Su Lao ......

Master is indeed very sincere this time, and it is really not good for someone He to refuse again ......"

Su Anshun's heart was overjoyed and he busily said, "Then this means that you have agreed, Elder He?"

He Hongsheng nodded gently, "Yes, I promise!"

"Excellent!" Su Anshun slapped his thigh and said happily, "If the master knew this news, he would be very happy!"

He Yingquan was also excited and said excitedly, "Dad, since you've agreed to return to the Su family, should we set up a follow-up process with Su's housekeeper? For example, when to go over, how to pay for the back payments and so on."

Su Anshun hurriedly said, "Yingquan, since Elder He has already agreed, then I think it is better for us to do it sooner rather than later, I will report to the Master right away and ask the Master to arrange for a plane and a bus, then Elder He will hurry to inform the whole He family, pack all the luggage overnight, early tomorrow morning, when the bus arrives, we will take the bus to the airport together and fly to Suhang on a special plane then. "

"To Suhang?" He Hongsheng asked with some surprise, "Isn't it to Yanjing?"

Su Anshun said, "It's just that the first month of the year has passed, the weather in the south is warming up and the flowers are blooming, so your lordship will move ......

To stay in Suhang for some days temporarily, so let's go to Suhang to meet up with Master as well."

He Hongsheng didn't think much about it and nodded gently.

However, he did not expect that the Su family's request would be so hasty, as they had to pack their bags overnight and leave early tomorrow morning.

He Yingquan hurriedly asked with a smile, "Butler Su, I wonder what Master Su is planning to do with the remaining one billion?"

Su Anshun smiled and said, "Master has said that if the He family is willing to continue to cooperate with the Su family, then the first time the He family arrives in Suhang, we will arrange for the contract to be signed, and the remaining one billion yuan will be paid at the first time after the contract is signed.

"Gee, that's great!"

He Yingquan was inwardly thrilled to the core.

Two billion a year was already a lot.

If it was a one-off payment, it would have been even more impressive.

If it was paid monthly, it would invariably lose a lot of interest.

Putting two billion into the bank and having the bank's fund manager casually manipulate it, the return rate for one year could be over 10%, which is two billion