Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2805

 "A billion? !

Once this cheque was brought out, He Yingquan, who was at the side, was first stunned.

This amount was, indeed, a bit frightening.

It was as much as the entire He family's salary for two years before.

Moreover, now that the He family was at a time when they were most short of money, this billion was simply too much for He Yingquan to bear.

He Hongsheng was also stunned by this amount.

Master Su had given a billion in cash with a wave of his hand, which was indeed something he had not expected.

However, he also knew very well in his heart that the Su family's money, how could it be so easy to get?

One could think with one's toenails that the money was by no means given for nothing.

So, he did not take the cheque, but asked, "Anshun, I wonder what is the purpose of Master Su asking you to bring this cheque?"

Su Anshun said seriously, "Master He said that he had a lot of guilt towards the He family and wished to make some compensation to the He family, in addition, he also wished to have the opportunity to continue the previous cooperation with the He family, so his old man specially explained to me and asked me to convey to you that if the He family was willing to resume cooperation with the Su family, the annual compensation would be directly increased to two billion, and if the It doesn't matter if the He family is unwilling, this one billion is considered as his compensation to the He family!"

He Hongsheng was instantly a little appalled.

He had expected that the Su family would definitely want to continue to cooperate with the He family, but he did not expect that Elder Su would almost quadruple his previous price as soon as he opened his account.

Two billion in cash a year, what concept was that?

Based on a P/E ratio of twenty times, a market cap of forty billion . Listed company, the profit at the end of a year is only two billion.

In contrast, in the domestic stock market, most companies have a P/E ratio of over fifty times.

That is to say, many group companies with a market capitalisation of 100 billion, with thousands and thousands of people working all day long, will only make a profit of two billion a year.

And as long as the He family returned to the embrace of the Su family, then immediately they would be able to get an annual payout of two billion, which was like a golden brick falling from the sky!

For a moment, He Hongsheng's jaw dropped, while He Yingquan, who was on the side, had long been excited beyond belief!

He felt that this was a wonderful opportunity that the He family had never dared to dream of, and as long as they seized this opportunity, the He family would certainly be able to soar to great heights.

With this lucrative income, the He family in the future might be able to become the number one ranked martial arts family in the country!

As for himself, he would also be destined to become the next -term family head of the number one martial arts family in the country!

Since then, himself and He ......

Home, all can soar to great heights!

He Hongsheng was also more or less moved.

Although he knew that his daughter, He Yingxiu, had gone to Jinling to meet the young master of the Ye family, and thought that the Ye family must also want to start cooperation with the He family, he believed that the Ye family would certainly not be able to offer such a high price to the He family.

This was two billion a year!

At this . moment he realised that, in fact, many times, one's bottom line was subject to change.

There were times when one thought one's bottom line was very clear and resolute, and that was because one had simply not encountered a strong enough temptation.

Once this temptation exceeds one's psychological expectations, or even gives oneself a direct and devastating super shock, any bottom line will be gone in this moment.

Admittedly, the Su family's abandonment of Su Ruoli and even betrayal of Su Ruoli had indeed made He Hongsheng furious.

That kind of anger was like a boundless forest fire, burning so brightly that it was impossible to extinguish it with ordinary power.

However, once he heard the price of two billion dollars, the anger in his heart seemed to have been instantly quelled.

It was as if a tsunami had come out of nowhere, sweeping away the forest that was burning just a moment ago with great speed and energy.