Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2802

 At this moment, He Hongsheng, clad in a thin jacket, was standing in the courtyard waiting.

Su Anshun had called him before he got off the plane and transferred to the helicopter.

Originally He Hongsheng did not want to see Su's family at all, even if it was just Su's housekeeper.

However, when Su Anshun said that he was sent by Master Su, he did not look at the face of the Buddha, so He Hongsheng was a bit unsure.

He knew very well in his heart that although the He family was a martial arts family and naturally good at fighting and killing, it was nothing in front of a big family like the Su family.

Since ancient times, martial arts masters had always served the rich, so who would dare to mess with the rich, except for the young and fledgling?

Especially for a martial arts family like the He family, which has a foundation of several hundred years, they wouldn't dare to offend the powerful, otherwise if they really pissed off the other party, they could destroy the He family's foundation of several hundred years with a hook.

Therefore, He Hongsheng also felt that, no matter what, Su Anshun came over on behalf of Elder Su, he could not directly refute his face, or at least do a good job on the surface.

Together with He Hongsheng was the eldest son of the He family, He Yingquan, who is the elder brother of He Yingxiu and the mainstay of the next generation of the He family.


When he saw the helicopter slowly landing, He Hongsheng's expression was more or less grave, thinking that he would have to make a show of being polite to the Su family who had murdered his granddaughter, he felt a bit uneasy in his heart.

It was He Yingquan who spoke up before the plane landed and reminded him, "Dad, when you meet Su Anshun, you must control your emotions and not get angry with him!"

Hearing this, He Hongsheng felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

In fact, he also knew that he could not get angry with Su Anshun.

But when his eldest son said so, it made him feel a bit angry again.

But he knew very well that even if he could hold his anger, he could not turn his back on Su Anshun, so this made it even more difficult for him.

He Yingquan had long guessed the purpose of Su Anshun's trip.

If the Su family was looking for the He family, and if they were in such a hurry, there was only one thing: they needed the He family for something.

In fact, there was nothing else the He family could do.

If the He family is a shop, then this ......

The shop actually has just one item.

To put it mildly, it was also very much like a street vendor selling sugar gourds, what else could you have come all the way over to him for, apart from buying sugar gourds?

So, he knew with certainty that this time Su Anshun had come over to definitely try to re-invite the He family back into the Su family.

This was quite in line with what he had expected in his heart.

This was because ever since the He family had withdrawn from the Su family and fully terminated its cooperation with the Su family, he, the eldest son, had been living in a tight spot.

The He family was already consuming a lot of money to provide for the training of their offspring, not to mention the fact that their income was now cut off.

What was even more ridiculous was that several hundred million dollars had been spent to find Su Ruoli.

Even though a few hundred million is a lot of money, if you really want to use it to find someone in the sea, it's not enough to stuff the sea.

What is the sea? It's 70% of the earth's surface area! If the United States threw in a carrier fleet, 99% of the countries in the world would not be able to find them, let alone a mere Su Ruoli?