Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2801

 Having gotten the message he wanted, Su Zhi Fei then said to Su Zhiyu, "Zhiyu, you must be tired too, so get some rest early, let's discuss anything tomorrow!"

Su Zhiyu nodded, "Okay, brother."

Su Zhi Fei stood up and said, "Alright, I'll go back to my room to rest."

Su Zhiyu sent Su Zhifei to the door, then went back to bed, his mind still thinking of Ye Chen's appearance, his whole body had completely fallen into it.

And at this moment, Su Zhi Fei anxiously returned to his room, the first thing he did was hurry to send a voice message to his grandfather Su Chengfeng: "Grandfather, I asked Zhi fish, this time save her and my mother, is indeed the Chinese who saved us both in Japan ...... "

After listening to this voice message, Su Chengfeng, who was already sleepless and sitting alone in his study drinking tea, sat down in his chair, unable to move for half a day.

He muttered under his breath, "How could such a strong person be an enemy of the Su family? Could it ...... be because I have offended him with what I did to Du Haiqing? But what does this have to do with Shou De and Shou Dao? Why did they have to be kidnapped?"

"That guy saved Zhiyu twice, so he must have a great relationship with her. If Zhiyu is angry with me because of her mother, then this mysterious expert will definitely be used by her in the future and will definitely work against me ah ......"

"Moreover, even if the He family is willing to cooperate with me again, I'm afraid it will only be a drop in the bucket. This person's ......

The strength is unimaginably strong, how can the He family be a match for him?"

At this thought, Su Chengfeng was even more frightened deep inside.

He even thought, "Why don't I just take the initiative to apologise to Zhiyu and her mother, if I can make Zhiyu ease her hatred towards me, maybe I can make a difference ......"

But on second thought, "No ...... this doesn't seem right!"

"Even if Zhiyu has hatred for me, she has no reason to hate her own father! Her own father was sent to Australia by me and was not involved in the car accident against her mother, she had no reason to let that expert do it to her father, not to mention that her second uncle had nothing to do with it, but even so, both of them disappeared one after another, so it couldn't have been at the behest of Zhiyu ......"

"In this way, the whole thing seems to be different from what I thought before, this mysterious expert, should not act entirely according to Su Zhiyu's good or bad, he should act according to his own good or bad as a guideline ......"

"Since he is using his own good and evil as his guideline, he must be targeting the Su family, targeting Shou De and Lao Er because of his own reasons ......"

"Then the question arises again, when has my Su family ever offended him?"

Su Chengfeng's entire person was on the verge of becoming psychotic, never being able to understand what was fishy behind this.

Right now, he only felt that his entire being was extremely insecure.

After all, the other party was an existence that was able to take out several top ninjas with his own hands, really if ......

If they came to the door, the Su family's current defense capability would not be able to withstand it!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly called Su Anshun, and as soon as the call came through, he asked out of the blue, "Anshun, where have you arrived?!"

It was a bit noisy on Su Anshun's end, and the sound of the helicopter engines roaring was loud. I'm heading for Desert City, I still have about a hundred kilometres to go, I'll be there in half an hour!"

Su Chengfeng hurriedly said, "Anshun, remember this, no matter what, you must invite the He family over, even if it doubles the two billion dollars, no matter what, make sure they move their family to Suhang in the fastest time possible!"

Su Anshun was shocked, "Master, is something wrong?"

Su Chengfeng blurted out, "Don't ask so many questions yet, remember what I said, it's best for them to leave early tomorrow morning, I'll send a big plane to pick them up then!"

"Good!" Su Anshun felt that the situation seemed a bit urgent and hurriedly replied, "Then I will try to convince He Hongsheng tonight!"


Half an hour later.

The quietness of Desert City late at night was broken by a helicopter flying low and fast.

This helicopter whistled past and headed straight for the He family compound.