Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2800

He sighed lightly at this time, looked at Su Zhiyu, some lost said, "Zhiyu, we both grew up together, the relationship has always been very good, and also together in Japan experienced life and death, I, as a brother, heart a thousand thousand for your good, and what do you have to hide from me?"

When Su Zhiyu heard this, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty in her heart, and her tone of voice became even more bottomless as she stammered, "Brother ...... I didn't ......"

Su Zhi Fei asked her, "Do you really think brother is a fool? I still can't see through you after all these years, ah? In this state, you are clearly lying."

He said, Su Zhi Fei said with a helpless face, "Hey, what do you think you have to hide from me about this matter, the benefactor is not only your benefactor alone, he is also my benefactor, my life was also saved by him, I know you want to find him to repay your kindness, I also want to find him to repay my kindness! If he really saved you and mum this time, then our Su family owes him four lives. If I have the chance, I must thank him on my knees.

Su Zhiyu's psychological defences collapsed a little at once.

This was because she did not realise that her brother Su Zhi Fei had already started a moral abduction.

In one fell swoop, it put her in a contradictory situation of being in a dilemma between left and right.

On one side, she had promised Ye Chen not to reveal his identity; ......

But on the other hand, my brother seemed to have guessed the outline of the matter, and put words into his mouth so that he did not know how to refuse.

After thinking about it, Su Zhiyu thought, "Since brother has guessed here, I will affirm his guess, and save him the pain in his heart, as for more news about my benefactor, I will just not reveal it."

So, she had to speak, "Brother, you guessed right, the one who saved me and mum was indeed the benefactor ......"

Su Zhi Fei's heart stuttered.

"It's really true ......"

"Ginger is still old and spicy ah ...... Grandpa had never met En-Gong, he could even guess that it was him, if he hadn't reminded me, I'm afraid I wouldn't have thought of this layer at all ......"

So, he deliberately pretended to be excited and said excitedly, "Oops! Surely it's the benefactor! How wonderful! Zhiyu, when will you take me to meet your benefactor, I must thank him properly in person!"

Su Zhiyu said, "Brother, I don't know where my benefactor is. ......"

Su Zhi Fei was surprised and asked, "What do you mean? Haven't you seen your father-in-law?"

Su Zhiyu said, "I did meet him, but he didn't reveal anything and told me and my mother to keep it a secret, I don't even know his last name, and it's true that my mother and I had our personal freedom restricted by him before, so we don't know any more information."

Said ......

The first time he saved us, not to mention his identity information, he was not even willing to say a word to the two of us. ..."

When Su Zhi Fei heard this, he couldn't help but get disappointed.

He didn't doubt it when Su Zhiyu said this.

Because, that benefactor was indeed very low-key and cold-looking, not willing to leave the slightest clue to others.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, "In my opinion, the benefactor he must be in Jinling, then we can continue to look for his whereabouts, this time the scope is much narrower than before, I think we should be able to find a little clue!"

Su Zhiyu was afraid that his brother would see the truth, so he pretended to agree and nodded, "You are right, brother! I was just thinking about this, since we can narrow it down to a single city in Jinling this time, it should be much easier to find our benefactor!"

After saying that, she hurriedly added, "But we must keep a low profile, we can't make a big fuss about it, after all, it's right under the eyes of our benefactor, and he doesn't want us to find him, if he finds out, he might get angry and might even leave Jinling!"

Su Zhi Fei agreed with Su Zhiyu's words and hurriedly said, "Don't worry about that, I will think of a way.