Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2793

 When Ma Lan heard Xiao Changkun say that her leg stomach still throbbed, she immediately frowned and questioned, "Xiao Changkun, did you even carry me on your back to go running?

Xiao Changkun refuted, "What do you mean by carrying you? Do I have to report to you for a run?"

Ma Lan coldly snorted, "Half of your body is buried in the yellow earth, and you are still running, running for what? Do you still want to have a second chance at life?"

Xiao Changkun said impatiently, "What does it matter to you? Why do you care so much?

After saying that, he glanced at the crutches placed by Ma Lan's side against the dining table and sneered, "What, you can't let me go out for a run because your own legs are not working?"

Ye Chen listened with a pounding head and said, "Dad and mum, you two should cut the crap, don't be so tit-for-tat here, no one is letting anyone down.

Xiao Churan said without looking back as she cooked the noodles, "Honey, you don't even know how I've survived this meal, they've been at each other's throats for over an hour and I can't even persuade them!

Ma Lan grumbled, "I didn't mean to pick a fight with Xiao Changkun, but this guy's words are too annoying.

Xiao Changkun said in a cold voice: "What does your broken leg have to do with me? It's not like I broke it for you, and besides, you've just been talking to me for half a day,......

You didn't mention your leg at that time, so don't get all morally abusive here.

Ma Lan was furious and said, "I'm morally abducting you? Xiao Changkun, you're really a heartless person! Have you forgotten how I served you in the hospital when you were hit by Gao Junwei's car and became a paraplegic? I worked so hard for you, and I was so busy.

Xiao Changkun said disdainfully: "Do you think I don't know? When I was injured, who was the one who worked so hard to find me a miracle doctor?

Xiao Changkun pointed at Ye Chen beside him and said loudly: "It was my good son-in-law, Ye Chen, who found it for me! If it wasn't for him, I would still be lying in bed right now.

Immediately afterwards, Xiao Changkun looked at Ma Lan and asked after him: "You said you were busy, what were you busy with? You're busy cheating your daughter out of a cheque, aren't you? You think I don't know?"

"Don't bullshit! "Ma Lan was exposed and cursed: "Which one of your eyes saw me cheat my daughter's cheque?"

Xiao Changkun brushed aside his mouth, "Still pretending, are you? When I was in the hospital, Dr. Shi cured me and the doctor said I should be hospitalized for two more days for observation and pay less hospital fees, but what happened? If I remember correctly, the amount on that cheque was at least 170,000 to 180,000, right?

Ma Lan didn't know how to retort at once, her expression was blue and white.

Xiao Changkun then sneered: "If I were to learn from you, then after you broke your leg, the first thing I would do is to find my daughter ......

Xiao Changkun is not that kind of person, but we are a person of quality, quality, understand?"

Ma Lan was so angry that she picked up her cane and slammed it into Xiao Changkun, cursing and swearing, "Quality? I told you to talk to me about quality, see if I don't break your leg!"

Ye Chen hurriedly stopped her and said with a bit of anger, "Oh, come on! You can't even talk about it, can you? Don't forget that Chu Ran and I are still around.

When Ma Lan saw that Ye Chen was a bit angry, he hurriedly smiled and said: "Good son-in-law, don't be angry, it's not against you, it's against that dog Xiao Changkun.

Xiao Changkun was going to fight with her some more, but once he thought that Ye Chen seemed to be unhappy, he simply sat a little further away and muttered, " I won't be ordinary with you."

Ma Lan angry a glare, Ye Chen this time directly spoke: "OK OK, Mom you do not here unforgiving, so, you must be at home these days to recuperate is also to stay bored, or tomorrow I asked a friend in the Buckingham Palace to prepare a VIP card for you, after you go to the Buckingham Palace every day to do a SPA, just as well as relaxation.

The first time Ma Lan heard this, she was overjoyed and cheered: "Oh my God, good son-in-law, is it true what you said? I've heard that the spa at Buckingham Palace is the most expensive and high-end spa in the whole of Jinling, and it costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to do just about anything!"