Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2787

 After hanging up the phone, Su Chengfeng felt a blackness in front of his eyes.

Su Anshun, who was at the side, hurriedly stepped forward and cautiously inquired, "Old. Master Du Haiqing and Eldest Miss, have really returned to the Du family?!"

Su Chengfeng rubbed his temples and nodded his head in a disheveled and powerless manner, sighing: "Anshun, things seem to have gone in the worst direction

Su Anshun asked, "Master, why are you saying this?"

Su Chengfeng let out a long sigh: "All of this is in line with my previous worst scenario, things have started to develop in the direction I don't want to see, the Su family is really in big trouble this time.

Su Anshun asked in surprise: "Master, did you imagine that the two mothers would be safe and sound?

"It was Su Chengfeng who rubbed his temples and said feebly: " I thought that even if they were rescued, it would be very difficult for them to survive such a serious accident, and they would probably be two corpses by the time they were taken away. This proves that the mysterious person behind them is not only very powerful, but is also standing by their side.

Su Anshun asked again: "Then, this mysterious man ......

Could it be related to the disappearance of the First Young Master as well as the Second Young Master?!"

Su Chengfeng nodded: "There must be a connection!"

Su Anshun's expression was horrified as he said, "Master, we have investigated Jinling before, and there is no crouching tiger hiding a dragon in Jinling, there are only a few local companies and families, and a Chen Zekai of the Ye family. Even the Ye family doesn't have this ability, if the Ye family really had this ability, then after Ye Changye died, they wouldn't have been suppressed by our Su family for so many years!"

Su Chengfeng's expression was gloomy as he said in a cold voice, "I now suspect that this mysterious person, is not from Jinling at all, and may not even be from Huaxia! "

"What?!" Su Anshun was even more shocked: "Not from China? Then where could it be? Could it be from outside China? It can't be the Rothschild family, can it? The Rothschild family hates the Ye family to the bone, in this case, they can't come against us, because once our strength is weakened, the Ye family will inevitably be strengthened How can the Rothschild family sit back and watch the Ye family gain?"

Said Su Anshun and continued his analysis:......

Ye Chang Ying his wife's maiden family is indeed very powerful too, but as far as I remember, the An family seems to have always looked down on the Ye family, and back then, when the An family's jewel was married off to the Ye family, the An family was said to be very furious."

Su Chengfeng waved his hand and sighed, ''It wasn't the Rothschild family, nor the An family, but that Japanese Chinese!

Japanese Chinese?!" Su Anshun was even more astonished: "Master, the biggest family in Japan is the Ito family, ah, and there is no family of Chinese descent within the top four families, and even the Ito family, which is ranked number one in Japan, is not as strong as our overall strength.

You don't understand. Su Chengfeng spoke: "This strength, not necessarily refers to economic strength, but force . The strength on the strength!

He said, "When Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu were kidnapped by the Matsumoto family in Japan, several top ninjas guarded them and wanted to kill them and dump them at Yohiko Ito's residence in Kyoto, the whole plan was seamlessly designed, but in the end, these top ninjas were killed by a young man of Chinese descent who appeared out of nowhere.

Su Anshun exclaimed: ''Master, do you suspect that the one who saved Du Haiqing and Missy this time is still the mysterious young man of Chinese descent?