Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2783

 Throughout Jinling, there are very many people who are thinking about Gu Qiuyi's concert.

Among them, including the youngest son of the Su family, Su Zhi Fei.

At this time, Su Zhi Fei, did not know the news that his mother and sister were safe and sound, he was still at the Jinling Olympic Center, communicating with the venue about some small details of the concert.

In fact, his company is only the sponsor of Gu Qiuyi's concert, generally such sponsors only need to pay for it, the real performance scheduling, stage construction and promotional materials, are the affairs of Gu Qiuyi's own agency, and he has nothing to do with half a penny.

However, he quietly reached a cooperation with the venue, the venue is openly rented to Gu Qiuyi's agency for the concert, but behind the scenes, but has been bought by Su Zhi Fei, take Su Zhi Fei's money, in various parts of the venue to prepare a surprise for Gu Qiuyi.

In order to pursue Gu Qiuyi, Su Zhifei has gone to great lengths.

Originally, he wanted to buy all the advertising spaces of Buckingham Palace directly, but was rejected by Richard Chen.

So he reached a cooperation with the venue, directly rented all the billboards in the venue, including several large LED advertising screens outside the venue, he also quietly rented.

When Gu Qiu Yi concert day, these advertising screens will play Su Zhi Fei carefully prepared courtship posters.

In addition, he also customized tens of thousands of lucky bags, these bags inside ......

The glow sticks, light signs and T-shirts were prepared specifically for Gu Qiuyi's support.

These were all custom made by Su Zhi Fei at great cost from the best manufacturer in Yiwu.

In addition to these support items, there is also a colorful poster, the content printed on the poster is the same as the courting poster Su Zhi Fei wanted to put on the big screen.

However, Su Zhi Fei did not reveal his name in the courting poster, he signed the poster as Mr. S, who loves Gu Qiuyi dearly.

The letter S, naturally, is the initials of Su Zhi Fei's surname.

He believed that when Gu Qiuyi saw the content of the courtship poster, she would be able to guess that it was her own doing, but no one else would think of him.

This way - come on he would be able to confess his love to Gu Qiuyi in the presence of 10,000 people, but at the same time not reveal his identity, killing two birds with one stone.

And he felt that he had gone to such great lengths to express his love to Gu Qiuyi in such a grand manner that Gu Qiuyi would definitely be moved by that time.

What's more interesting is that Su Zhi Fei, in order to trigger a sensational effect, specially had millions of cash prepared, according to the ticket price of each seat of the concert, the corresponding cash was put into the lucky bag prepared for the seat.

This is a way for him to please Gu Qiuyi fans.

In his opinion, he expressed his love to Gu Qiuyi through, tens of thousands of viewers at the scene, that since ......

However, it could not cause the resentment of these tens of thousands of viewers.

So in his opinion, spending money is the best solution.

Anyway, I reimbursed you for the concert, I used the concert to court my goddess, what else can you say?

This kind of behavior, in the eyes of others, may not be any different from the injustice, but for Su Zhi Fei, this money is not even a fart.

After making so many preparations, Su Zhi Fei still felt that it was not enough.

He instructed his assistant: " By the way, you must find a marketing team to make this a hot topic when the concert audience starts to enter, and make sure it tops the Weibo and short video platforms!"

The assistant did not hesitate to say: "Young master, you do not worry, buy hot search, hype hot topics such things, for our team is a breeze, just spend some money, I will help you achieve."

Su Zhi Fei nodded with satisfaction and smiled with a longing face:" By then this mysterious Mr. S, will definitely become a hot topic of discussion on the whole network!

Speaking of this, he suddenly had a bright idea and said offhandedly: "Right, by then you must also call for me a prize participation activity, all users who show support and encouragement to Mr. S under this hot topic will have a chance to participate in the lottery!"

The assistant was busy asking, "Young master, how will the prize for the raffle be set?"