Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2782

 Du Zhenhua said:" From my point of view, at that time the car accident was so big, Haiqing and Zhiyu's disappearance must have been rescued by someone else, it is likely that they have been hidden by the other party all this time, and now they have just been allowed to regain their freedom, it is possible.

Du Haifeng, who was driving, sighed, "To be honest, I really want to get to know the person who rescued the two mothers, this person's strength and background is definitely not ordinary, I wonder which family he is from."

Du Zhenhua nodded and said, "We'll have to know the details after we meet the two of them."

Half an hour later, Du Haifeng drove to the location where Du Haiqing had posted, at this time, on this country road, no one could be seen at all, and there was not a single car.

In fact, just 10 minutes ago, Chen Zekai asked his men to drive the car to the next village, while he himself stayed in the shadows, protecting Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu's safety, waiting for the two of them to be picked up, and then having his men come to pick him up.

At this time, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were discreetly hiding in a dry ditch by the side of the road, waiting for their family to arrive.

Soon, two white lights appeared at the end of the road, and the commercial vehicle driven by Du Haifeng had driven towards the location.

Du Zhenhua hurriedly called Du Haiqing and said to her, " Haiqing, have you seen our car?"

Du Haiqing said:" Dad, I see a car, about five or six hundred meters away, but I can't be sure if it's yours.

Du Zhenhua then said:" I asked your elder brother to flash the high beam twice.

Once Du Haifeng heard this, he hurriedly flashed the high beam twice. ...

Du Haiqing came out of the ditch next to her at this time and waved her hand at the vehicle on the path.

Du Haifeng on the passenger_side saw her at a glance and said excitedly, "It's Haiqing, go over there!"

Du Haifeng kicked the accelerator and the business car drove past quickly.

Immediately after, the car stopped beside Du Haiqing, and just after it stopped, the three doors of the main driver, passenger and rear seats opened at the same time.

Du Zhenhua, Du Haifeng and Du Ocean got out of the car quickly.

As soon as Du Zhenhua saw Du Haiqing, he couldn't control his emotions and choked up, "Haiqing, you and Zhiyu have been missing for a long time, Dad is worried sick!

Du Haiqing's eyes burst into tears and he went up to hug his father, crying, "Dad, I'm sorry for making you worry.

At this time, Su Zhiyu also came to Du Haiqing, gently grabbed Du Zhenhua's arm and sobbed, "Grandpa!

Du Zhenhua hurriedly embraced Su Zhiyu and said excitedly, "Good boy, it's good that you're alright, it's good that you're alright.

Su Zhiyu looked at Du Haifeng and Du Haiyang and choked up, ''Great-uncle and second-uncle have made you worry

Du Haifeng said: ''Silly child, what are you talking about, you and your mother are safe and sound, your uncle is worth it even if I throw in half my life''.

The first thing that he wanted to ask was: "Haiqing, where were you and Zhiyu all this time? What kind of person saved you?"

Du Haiqing sighed and said from the bottom of his heart, "Dad, it's a long story, I don't know where to start for a while.

Du Ocean said at this time: "Dad, I think we'd better get in the car and go home, if we have anything to say on the way, if we can't finish it on the way, we can continue it at home.

"Right, right, right!" Du Zhenhua hurriedly said: "Talk in the car!

said, he took the initiative to open the back door of the business car and said to the mother and daughter duo: "Get in, let's go home first!

Haiqing nodded and said: "Dad, you go first.

Du Zhenhua gently pushed her, said: "You and SU Zhiyu first.

The two of them were in the back of the car.

Seeing this, Du Haiqing no longer insisted and pulled Su Zhiyu into the car first.

Immediately after Du Zhenhua got into the car, Du Haifeng drove away.

Seeing the business car going further and further away, Chen Zekai in the shadows sighed in relief, took out his mobile phone and called Ye Chen and spoke: ''Young master, Ms Du and Miss Su have already met up with their families.

Ye Chen sighed in relief at the other end of the phone and said: ''In that case, I should also go home.

Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Old Chen, you have also worked hard from yesterday until now, take a good rest in these two days too!"

Chen Zekai smiled faintly and said, "I just followed you to Syria and ran around, I wasn't tired at all, but it's you who's taken the trouble and effort these two days."

Ye Chen laughed, "So I also plan to rest for two days.

Chen Zekai said, "Young master, it seems to be your birthday soon, do you have any plans?

Ye Chen gave a hint and said, "Don't make any noise about your birthday, it just so happens that Nui Nui is coming over for a concert that day, so I will accompany my wife to see one of her concerts and consider it as a birthday celebration.