Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2779

 It is late in the evening and it is getting dark.

A Rolls-Royce Cullinan sped along the Jinling Bypass.

Driving the car was one of Richard Chen's men.

Sitting on the passenger side_ was Richard Chen.

And in the back row sat Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu's mother and daughter.

Chen Zekai, who was on the passenger side, looked at the map on the navigation and said to the two of them, "Please wait for a moment, we still have less than 10 minutes to go to our destination, when we get there, you can call your family.

Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were both a bit excited, for so long since the accident, what they feared most was that their families would be overly worried, so now they could not wait to let their families know that they were still alive.

However, since Chen Zekai had said that they would have to wait for another 10 minutes, the two of them did not say much.

They had waited for so many days, so it wasn't as bad as these last 10 minutes.

At this moment, Du Haiqing's father, Du Zhenhua, was bringing his ......

Several of his sons and daughters were holding a family meeting in the middle of the Du family's old mansion in Jinling.

These days, they had been searching for the whereabouts of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu after rushing over from Yanjing.

Like the Su family, they had used all the resources they could, but had failed to find any clues about the mother and daughter duo.

At this moment, Du Zhenhua was at a loss over this matter, looked at his son and daughter and asked with a frown, "Where is Zhi Fei? He said he had a meeting tonight. Why hasn't he come over yet?"

The eldest son, Du Haifeng, said, "Dad, Zhi Fei just sent me a WeChat, saying that he was in the process of confirming some concert-related matters with the venue for this year's show and couldn't come back for a while, so he asked us to start first.

Nonsense! Du Zhenhua was very dissatisfied: "Zhi Fei is usually quite knowledgeable, but why can't he get it right at the critical moment? What's more important than the safety of his mother and sister's lives?

The child is not ......

He must still have other things to do, he can't just leave everything behind just to find them."

His second son, Du Ocean, also said, "Yes, Dad, Zhi Fei must have something in mind, it's just that he hasn't found any clues for such a long time, so he must be a bit discouraged, so don't take it personally."

Du Zhenhua said with a bit of anger in his voice, "I always feel that this boy Zhi Fei is a bit absent-minded lately.

Du Zhenhua's eldest daughter, Du Haiping, spoke up at this time, "Dad, let's talk about business first, Zhi Fei's side, if I have time, I will go and have a good chat with him, this child is the one we have grown up with, although his surname is Su, he is definitely different from his father and his grandfather."

Du Zhenhua sighed and waved his hand, "Come on, let's not talk about him, summarize your situation today, any clues?

Hearing this, all of them shook with a helpless face