Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2778

 Chen Zekai was silent for a moment, nodded gently, and asked again: ' Young master, what if Miss Su and Ms. Du leak your identity out?

Ye Chen smiled: " I believe they will not, but everything must not be so absolute, I want to play with the Su family a little more, but if they really leak me out, it does not matter, the Su family has any ability to use it, anyway, Hong Wu's dog breeding factory has almost expanded, we have plenty of space, in addition, the mountainous areas of Syria is vast and sparsely populated, put Su Chengfeng The old dog was sent to help Hamid to herd sheep is also good.

Chen Zekai saw that Ye Chen was not at all worried that the Su family would know about his existence, so he himself also put his mind at ease.

He also believed that the Su family was in no way Ye Chen's opponent, and as long as Ye Chen himself was not worried about exposure, he, as a subordinate, would naturally have no worries.

Soon, both Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing's mother and daughter were invited over.

Seeing them, Ye Chen spoke: "Aunt Du, Miss Su, it's almost evening, I've already had the car prepared, if you have nothing its ......

He questions, then he can prepare to leave.

Su Zhiyu's expression was a little sad as she asked:Your Grace, will there be a chance to meet with you in the future?

Ye Chen smiled: ''Of course, don't forget our agreement, the day you become the head of the Su family, I will personally go to the Su family to congratulate you.

Su Zhiyu couldn't help but ask: ''Your Excellency, what if the Su family wants to make an enemy of you? Will you treat me as your enemy as well?"

Ye Chen shook his head and said seriously, "As long as you don't do anything to be my enemy, then I naturally won't consider you as my enemy either, I don't have enemies with everyone surnamed Su, just those who were enemies with my father back then.

Su Zhiyu sighed with relief and said: ''With these words from my benefactor, I am relieved.

Ye Chen smiled slightly and looked at Du Haiqing again, saying seriously: "Auntie Du, you are an old friend of my father's, if there are still people in the Su family who have problems with you, you can always come to me.

If there is anything that you need to do in the future, or if you need the help of the Du family, I...

Be sure to tell auntie."

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Okay Auntie Du, we have left each other contact information, so we can contact each other anytime if we have any questions."

Du Haiqing gave a hint and asked, "Right Ye Chen, after Auntie and Zhiyu go back, if someone asks about our experience during this time, how should we answer?

Ye Chen then said, "If people ask about your experiences during this period of time, you should just bite the bullet and say that your bodies were seriously injured in the car accident and you have been settled in the ward to recuperate from your injuries.

"You know nothing about where the ward is or which hospital it belongs to, nor do you even know anything about the environment outside the ward.

"If people ask who the doctors are or who the nurses are or what they look like, you say that the doctors and nurses wear masks and do not want to reveal their identities.

If people ask why the doctors are treating you, you tell them that they have been asked to do so by a mysterious person.

Then if people ask why this mysterious person did what he did, you will say that this mysterious person could not stand the beastly practices of Su Chengfeng