Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2775

 When she thought of Ye Chang Yingxiu, He Yingxiu could not help but think of Su Shoudao.

She had been by Su Shoudao's side since he was a teenager, so she knew Su Shoudao's younger days very well.

She knew how good Ye Chang Ying was back then, and she also knew that Su Shou Dao, back then, had always lived under Su Shou Dao's shadow.

Suddenly, she felt a few moments of irony.

Back then, Su Shoudao was crushed by Ye Changye in every aspect, but he himself was defiant in every way, and it was only after Ye Changye passed away that he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, who would have thought that Ye Changye's son would now be so outstanding that he would be unbelievable.

Although it was the first time that He Yingxiu met Ye Chen today, the fact that Ye Chen was able to save his daughter from the Japanese Self-Defence Force without a sound, and that he had been able to conceal his daughter from the world, so that no one could find any information about her, proved that Ye Chen's strength was extraordinary and even terrifying.

It might seem that he had saved Su Ruoli's life, but in fact he had caused the entire Japanese Self-Defence Force to lose face in front of him!

A glimpse of a panther in a tube.

Just this one incident was enough to prove that Ye Chen was so powerful that he was beyond imagination.

On top of that, what shocked her even more was that Ye Chen had managed to completely open up his daughter's Ren vein to the Great Success level with ease!

This was tantamount to a miracle in the eyes of martial artists.

To say it was a miracle is not an exaggeration ......


After all, the cultivation of the martial path is often an all-out effort for most of one's life.

Cultivating the martial path is no different from a foolish man moving a mountain.

Every martial artist seeks the ultimate great success, but no one knows what greatness really looks like.

They can only do their best in their lifetime, and if they still cannot achieve great success despite their own best efforts, then let their children and grandchildren, building on their own foundation, continue to progress towards great success.

Just like Yugong Yishan, if you lose yourself, you will still have your children and grandchildren, and they will be endless.

And what does what Ye Chen has done amount to?

To use a very appropriate analogy, what Ye Chen has done is tantamount to removing, in the snap of his fingers, the boulder that it would have taken Yugong at least twenty years to finish digging!

This kind of ability can be called a divine ability.

Then there was Ye Chen's elixir, which was even more miraculous to the point that it could not be described in words.

He Yingxiu felt that if this kind of divine pill was put up for sale, the martial arts families of the world would compete to the death even if they were to pour out all their money.

So what if it was one hundred million? So what if it was two hundred million? By relying solely on cultivation and those medicinal herbs to assist, even if one were to take out a billion dollars, one might not be able to achieve the effects of this one pill.

For those who practise martial arts, there is nothing more important than raising one's cultivation level.

Therefore, from these aspects, He Yingxiu even felt that it was very likely that Ye Chen would be able to take the Su and Ye families, or even the whole country, in the future with just his own strength ......

The top family was stepped on.

Thinking about the fact that her daughter seemed to have developed an extremely strong allegiance to Ye Chen, and that behind this allegiance was a clearly visible teenage girl's heart, He Yingxiu asked Su Ruoli, "Ruoli, tell mum the truth, do you have that kind of feeling for Young Master Ye in your heart?"

Su Ruoli said, slightly embarrassed: "Mom, what are you talking about ...... Ye Gongzi is not only my lifesaver, but also my teacher, my cultivation breakthroughs are all because of his help, so I have respect and gratitude for him in my heart ......"

He Yingxiu smiled faintly: "You are born of mother, mother can still not understand you? The way you look at Young Master Ye is something I've never seen in you before, at a glance you have true feelings for Young Master Ye."

"I didn't ......" Su Ruoli retorted in a panic, then hesitated for a moment, and then couldn't help but sigh softly: "Hey ...... actually I'll say a The actual truth is, a man like Mr. Ye, after really getting to know him, how many women can be unmoved by him? Not only me, but even Sister Zhiyu has also been devoted to him for a long time ......"

"What?!" He Yingxiu exclaimed, "Su Zhiyu?! She likes Young Master Ye too?!"

"Yes ......" Su Ruoli let out a bitter laugh and said, "I think Sister Zhiyu likes Young Master Ye so much that she's almost like a demon."

He Yingxiu hurriedly asked again, "Didn't Su Zhiyu go missing with Du Haiqing? Have you seen her?"

Su Ruoli nodded and said seriously, "Sister Zhiyu and Auntie Du also live in this hotel.