Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2774

 He Yingxiu said in surprise, "Young Master Ye, you have just given us four pills one after another, based on five pills a year, there should still be one left!"

Ye Chen smiled blandly, "The two that I gave to you and Ruo Li before don't count, that was a small personal token of appreciation from me to you both, mother and daughter, I will give you two extra each year from now on, these two have nothing to do with the He family."

He Yingxiu was instantly nervous and didn't know what to say, and said with surprise and joy in his mouth, "This ...... is really too valuable, how can we ......"

At this time, Ye Chen waved his hand and spoke, "I am also related to Ruo Li, not to mention that we will have to work together for a long time in the future, a little elixir is not enough, so Ms. He does not need to be bothered."

Saying that, Ye Chen added, "You two have reunited so easily, you must have a lot to talk about, so I won't bother you too much."

Seeing that Ye Chen had already decided to end the conversation, He Yingxiu knew that there was no need to dwell on it any further, so he said respectfully, "I respectfully follow Young Master Ye's arrangement!"

At the side, Su Ruoli stepped forward and bowed, "Mr. Ye, then I will take mother back to my room ......

Up, if you need to find us, just have someone order you."

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Go ahead, and contact the staff directly if you need anything."

Afterwards, He Yingxiu and Su Ruoli, mother and daughter, returned to the hotel room with a thousand thanks.

As soon as they entered the room, He Yingxiu suddenly burst into uncontrollable tears.

Su Ruoli, who was next to her, hurriedly went forward and asked, "Mum, why are you crying again?"

He Yingxiu wiped her tears and sighed: "Mom is too happy ...... Since your accident, mum's mind has uncontrollably thought of countless possibilities, some very good, some very bad, but even the best possibilities I thought of were not even one tenth of what they are now ...... Mom really didn't think that your life could take such a big turn ......"

Su Ruoli said with red eyes, "Mom, I'm sorry for worrying you all this time ......"

He Yingxiu smiled gratefully, "With this situation today, all of mum's previous worries were worth it ......"

She said, she asked Su Ruoli with some curiosity, "Right Ruoli, what exactly is the origin of that young master Ye? I don't seem to have heard of such a powerful scion in the Ye family! He ......

What's your name?"

Su Ruoli busily said, "Duke Ye's first name is Ye Chen."

He Yingxiu frowned and spoke, "I have an impression of all the males in this generation of the Ye family, it seems there is no one called Ye Chen ......"

Su Ruoli asked her, "Mom, do you know Ye Chang Ying?"

"Ye Chang Ying?!" He Yingxiu exclaimed offhand, "Of course I know, that was the Ye family back then, one of the most outstanding in the country, your father he ......"

He Yingxiu subconsciously mentioned Su Shoudao, but when she thought of what the Su family had done, she was afraid that her daughter would be upset, so she hurriedly said, "Let's not talk about your father, Ruo Li, why are you suddenly bringing up Ye Chang Ying? He died unexpectedly many years ago."

Su Ruoli said, "Mom, Mr. Ye is the son of Ye Chang Ying, when he was eight years old, he came to Jinling with his parents, not long after his parents died unexpectedly, since then, Mr. Ye has been living in an orphanage, in fact, he has not really returned to the Ye family now, although his surname is Ye, but he is now doing all his own business. "

He Yingxiu listened dumbfounded and muttered, "I really didn't expect that Young Master Ye was actually Ye Changye's son