Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2773

 In fact, this kind of blood dispersal and heart saving pills was not even worth mentioning to Ye Chen.

Even if he gave the He family fifty or a hundred pills a year, it would only be a matter of ticking his fingers.

However, the reason he had to limit the quantity to five pills a year was to make the He family fully realise how precious this item really was.

Ye Chen was also clear that in terms of the efficacy of the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill for martial artists, giving two pills a year would be enough for the entire He family to sell their lives for him.

The reason why he had to give five of them was to give the He family a little chance to rise, so that they could plan to focus on training three or five martial artists with better natural abilities every year.

He Yingxiu was naturally very clear about the value of this elixir, and realised that this was a huge opportunity for the He family to develop, so she didn't even have time to ask her father for permission before she directly agreed to do so on behalf of the entire He family.

She knew that her father would not refuse! The Ho family, they would not refuse!

In front of her eyes, He Yingxiu agreed, Ye Chen smiled faintly and continued to throw out bait: "From now on, at the end of the lunar month every year, I will make a year-end evaluation based on the He family's performance for the year, if the He family really does its best ......

If you work hard for me, then I will naturally give the He family a few extra pills at the end of the year."

When He Yingxiu heard this, she was even more excited, and she did not hesitate to say, "Then I would like to thank Young Master Ye for the hundreds of people in the He family!"

After saying that, He Yingxiu asked, "Young Master Ye, in your opinion, is it necessary for the He family to move from Desert City to Jinling?"

After thinking about it, Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "It is not necessary to move the family. After Ms. He goes back, she can discuss with the head of the He family first. settle down."

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli and added, "As for Ruoli, she will remain by my side for the time being."

He Yingxiu hurriedly said, "No problem, I will go back to Desolate City tomorrow and tell my father everything, I believe my father will not refuse.

Su Ruoli also followed her mother and bowed ......

He said, "Ruo Li will do everything at Lord Ye's command!"

Ye Chen nodded and took out two more Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills and handed them to He Yingxiu, saying, "Ms. He, these two pills, please take them back to your father to taste them, so that he won't judge them badly with empty words."

He Yingxiu was somewhat delighted and somewhat nervous as she said, "Young Master Ye, one should be enough ......"

Ye Chen smiled, "These two pills, one of them can be given to your father to try, and the other one, can be divided into several portions, and turned into water, so that the young generation of the He family can try it out, in fact, for young people, there is no need to take one at a time, otherwise at least 30% or 40% of the medicinal power is not absorbed by the body at once, so naturally all of it will be wasted, this kind of gradual approach can make better use of all the medicinal effects."

He Yingxiu said with some regret at once, "Aiya, I should have known not to take all of one pill just now ......"

Ye Chen smiled, "It's not a hindrance, there will be plenty of opportunities later."

After saying that, Ye Chen added: "You can take these two pills first, the remaining three, I will give them to you all at once when you are sure and the people arrive in Jinling.