Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2772

 After the two had almost absorbed the medicinal power, He Yingxiu took the lead and looked at Ye Chen with an almost god-like gaze, once again kneeling on both knees and saying with reverence and incomparable respect: ''Thank you, Young Master Ye, for giving me and my daughter such a precious elixir, your great kindness is something I will never forget!

Su Ruoli likewise subconsciously knelt on the ground and said with incomparable excitement: ''Sir Ye, thank you for the elixir this elixir must be very expensive?''

Ye Chen smiled blandly: ''Expensive is of course expensive, this kind of medicine has a price without a market, no one has it except for me."

Saying that, Ye Chen asked her, "Ruo Li, I see that you have just used the power of the medicine to open up the Punching Vein, your strength has almost doubled, congratulations!

When He Yingxiu heard this, she was dumbfounded and said, "Ruo Li, you've opened the Punching Vein! What?


Su Ruoli choked back a sob with red eyes and said: ''Mum, I've opened up my Chakra!

He Yingxiu was so excited that she burst into tears: ''Ever since your grandfather cleared the Punch Vessel forty years ago, there hasn't been another person in our family who has cleared the Punch Vessel for forty years.

Su Ruoli couldn't help but look at Ye Chen, whose image in her mind was already unmatched.

She really could not understand why Ye Chen had such great strength and ability.

For the first time, he had only given himself a pulse, but he had not expected to help him completely open up the entire Ren vein. 

This time, he had only given himself a pill, and he had not expected to help him open up his third meridian.

These two huge breakthroughs are rare for ordinary people in their lifetime.

Many people spend their entire lives cultivating and training hard, but are not able to completely open up the Ren meridian.

And even more people who have tried their best to cultivate the martial arts but have not been able to open up the three meridians until they die.

Yet he himself encountered two heavenly opportunities in a very short period of time, one after another.

Moreover, both huge breakthroughs were easily accomplished with the help of Ye Chen and in the snap of a finger.

This meant that Ye Chen was able to make a huge breakthrough for a martial artist of his level in the space of a few laughs.

From this point on, Ye Chen's strength was probably at least a hundred or a thousand times greater than his own!

He Yingxiu was excited in her heart, the surprise she had received today was just too much, not only was her daughter still alive, but she had also made a huge breakthrough in her cultivation.

Is it?

What could be more exciting than that?

What's more, she herself has been blessed with her daughter's light, and has completely opened up her Ren Chakra in a single leap, thus doubling her strength.

The one who had given her this series of surprises and opportunities was this young man in his twenties.

She then looked towards Ye Chen and said from the bottom of her heart, "Young Master Ye, the entire He family is at your service! I will follow your orders!

Ye Chen smiled blandly and spoke :


Now is also the time to use people, if the He family is willing to fully cooperate with me, then I can provide the He family with five pills per year, plus one hundred million RMB!"

Hearing the words five pills, He Yingxiu was instantly ecstatic.

She had her heart set on the He family, so she immediately thought in her mind, "One elixir can multiply one's strength, and with five elixirs per year, she could at least train five first-tier experts or two super first-tier experts for the He family!

"If the pills continue to be distributed to these outstanding talents in the second year, it will inevitably cause their strength to soar further!"

"If every year after that, Ruo Li could receive an elixir from it, then after four or five years, she might be able to open up her fourth meridian and rise another level of strength!"

One had to know that in all the years of the entire He family's history, only one expert had emerged who was able to open up four meridians! And with Young Master Ye's elixir, it was highly likely that Ruo Li would become the second person in the hundreds of years of the He Family's martial history!

"If the He Family was given ten years, Ruo Li would even be able to open up five meridians! And the entire He Family might even be able to produce several more experts who have opened up three or even four meridians!

" In that case, the He Family's strength would be greatly enhanced! It might even leap to become the number one Martial Dao family in the country!

"Ten years may sound like a long time, but in the centuries-long history of the He Family, it's just the blink of an eye!