Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2771

 The biggest difference between the He Family's Qi Tonic Pill and Ye Chen's Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill is actually not the medicinal effect, but the medicinal properties.

By medicinal properties, I mean the basic nature of this medicine.

Still using that analogy from earlier.

A blood dispersing and heart saving pill is a heavy bomb used in the military.

The Qi Tonic Pill, on the other hand, is just an ordinary firecracker.

The difference is not only in the energy of the explosion. The difference is not only in the energy of the explosion, but also in its fundamental nature.

For example, military bombs, able to blow through a meter thick steel plate, blow through ten meters thick concrete fortifications, but ordinary firecrackers using ordinary gunpowder, even if more than one - meter thick steel plate can not be blown through, this is the nature of . This is the fundamental difference in nature.

This is the case with the He family's Qi tonic.

A pair per month was like eating an extra meal of fish and meat every month, which could indeed improve nutritional intake and physique to a certain extent, but it was a fool's errand to eat such things alone to produce a supreme expert.

In contrast, the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill given by Ye Chen was simply an unprecedented panacea!

Su Ruoli on the side also shared the same feeling. ......

She had always been considered one of the few offspring with top qualifications in the Su family, so she used to get at least three pairs of Qi Tonic Pill and Body Awakening Soup every month, but both of these medicines gave her the feeling that they were merely better than nothing, far from being able to make a sudden improvement.

However, this elixir given by Ye Chen contained surging internal energy, which not only instantly enhanced the meridians, but also strengthened the entire body from the inside out.

Moreover, this internal energy was not a flood of beasts rampaging through the body, but very meticulously nourished the entire body from the inside out repeatedly, the feeling was as if every cell of the entire body was being enhanced with the medicinal effect of this pill.

What surprised her the most was that the third meridian, the Punching Vein of the Eight Qi meridians, which she had not been able to break through, also broke through silently at this moment!

This breakthrough was not as surging and majestic as a thunderstorm, but rather as smooth and natural as water coming into being, as if it was as simple as piercing a layer of window paper!

Moreover, the already cleared Governor's Vessel had leapt from about to break through 40% to 50%!

You know, the He family has been ...... for so many years

Only one person had opened up three levels of meridians, and that person was Su Ruoli's grandfather, He Hongsheng.

And although He Hongsheng had opened up three meridians, the smoothness of all three of his meridians was not as good as Su Ruoli's.

It could be said that with just this one elixir from Ye Chen, Su Ruoli's strength instantly became one of the top ones in the He family, at least doubling from what it was before!

With such a huge opportunity, how could she not be excited!

And her mother, He Yingxiu, had benefited just as much!

Her eight odd meridians were the same as Su Ruoli's, and she had only opened up the Ren and Du veins, of which, 50% of the Ren veins were opened up and 20% of the Du veins were opened up.

However, after this one pill was taken, the powerful medicinal effect allowed her to directly attain great success in the Ren and Du veins, and break through to 40% in the Du veins.

It could be said that her strength was now on par with Su Ruoli's before taking the pill.

It was important to know that Su Ruoli's meridians before taking the medicine had already been cleared by Ye Chen with his spiritual qi. The great success of the Ren vein not only improved her cultivation by a lot, but more importantly, it laid a better and more stable foundation for her future cultivation.

And now, He Yingxiu also possessed the same excellent foundation.