Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2769

 Faced with Ye Chen's inquiry, He Yingxiu did not hide anything and opened his mouth to introduce: "Young Master Ye, our He family's internal boxing method has a large demand for temperature and medicinal herbs, and the medicinal herbs are mainly qi-supplementing herbs and body-strengthening herbs, such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, deer antler and cordyceps, and body-strengthening herbs are mainly used for bathing. Chinese herbs."

He Yingxiu said, and then introduced: "Our family has two prescriptions, one is named Qi tonic, one is named awakening soup, Qi tonic is the ginseng, ganoderma lucidum and other precious herbs, according to a special way to boil the Chinese medicine, oral consumption can replenish the qi and blood and internal energy, to enhance internal strength, enhance the role of meridians;"

"As for the Awakening Body Soup, it is a soup made from a variety of herbs and medicines, which can strengthen bones and muscles and enhance the strength of the body when a person is immersed directly in the soup."

Ye Chen asked curiously, "Then how much does your entire family need to invest in medicinal herbs every month?"

He Yingxiu said: "In the past, our investment at its peak, at least twenty to thirty million per month, basically to ensure that every family member who cultivates martial arts, every month can get a pair of Qi replenishing powder and a pair of body awakening soup, if it is a key cultivation target, even two to three pairs per month."

Speaking of this, He Yingxiu sighed and said: ......

"But in recent times, because the family's economic situation is somewhat stretched, so my father has temporarily cut most of the input of medicinal materials."

"At present, the family's monthly tentative cost of medicinal materials, is three to five million up and down, most ordinary qualified family members can no longer receive medicinal materials, only a few key training targets, can still barely use, but the medicinal materials are also greatly discounted, the effectiveness of the medicine naturally weakened a lot."

Ye Chen asked again, "How is the effect of your two medicinal herbs?"

He Yingxiu shook his head and said helplessly: "In fact, even if the herbs are not discounted, the effect is not very good, mainly because the effect of the remedies we use is relatively general, the loss of herbs is great, for ordinary people may soon have immediate results, but for people who already have a certain cultivation base, the effect can only be said to be better than nothing, and can play a certain auxiliary role."

Ye Chen nodded gently and said blandly: "Speaking of prescriptions, I happen to have an elixir that can enhance the internal and external strength of the body, I personally feel very good with it, I just don't know if it's suitable for your He family's internal heart technique, Ms. He, you can try the efficacy of this medicine together with Ruo Li."

Saying that, Ye Chen from his pocket, took out two blood dispersal heart saving pills.

This kind of elixir was actually not worth much to him,......

If you want, you can refine it in large quantities.

This kind of elixir to the current Ye Chen, already can not play much effect, but for the general population, the effect is very impressive.

Spare half-body paralysis, paraplegia, with this kind of elixir can be cured.

If ordinary people take it, the physical quality can even be greatly improved, so as to achieve the effect of prolonging life to a certain extent.

The medicinal power contained in this elixir is extraordinary, and for martial artists like He Yingxiu and Su Ruoli, who practice internal martial arts, not only can they strengthen their bodies and meridians, but more importantly, they can significantly increase their internal strength, which is definitely an elixir that they would never dare to dream of.

The first time, the little pepper Qin Ao Xue, is relying on a grain of blood rescue pills, strength in a short period of time by leaps and bounds, with only a pill, from a large behind Ito Nanaiko, to overtake Ito Nanaiko a large, so it can be seen how strong the effect of this to ordinary martial artists.

Ye Chen could tell from the strength of Su Ruoli as well as He Yingxiu that although they are relatively top existence in the martial arts family, but their strength in front of themselves, the difference is still very far indeed, simply not yet on the stage, so it can also be deduced from this that the He family's way of medicinal tonic, the effect must be minimal, probably not even a thousandth of the blood dispersal heart saving pills.

So, he had a fight in his heart