Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2768

 Ye Chen smiled faintly and added: "Right Ms. He, if you are interested with the He family, we can also talk about a cooperation in the future, and then I will hire you to work for me, so you and Ruo Li will not have to be separated.

Before He Yingxiu could say anything, Su Ruoli said excitedly, "That's great! Mom, when the time comes, you can move to Jinling!"

He Yingxiu expression more or less embarrassed said: "Young Master Ye, if according to what you just said, I should not tell others about Ruo Li, then naturally I can not bring the He family over, and Ruo Li together with you, but if I can not bring the He family over, then I am a disabled person, my ability is really limited, and then I do not know what I can do for you!

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said: "Ms. He, I understand what you mean, but this issue does not seem contradictory to me.

After a slight pause, Ye Chen opened his mouth and explained: "First of all, I am indeed interested in deep cooperation with the He family, this cooperation is based on me and you and the rest of the He family, so about whether to accept cooperation on this point, you do not need to consider at all if...

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get to the bottom of this, even if the He family sends over dozens of people to come to Jinling with you in the future, in principle, they won't even know about Ruo Li's existence.

He Yingxiu nodded gently and said:I understand young master Ye, even if the entire He family has established a deep cooperation with you, but still can not let other He family members other than me, know the situation of Ruo Li, I understand so no problem, right?"

"No problem.

' Ye Chen said with a smile:Now that the He family has broken with the Su family, they also need a stable source of income, and I am now thinking of expanding my sphere of influence a bit more, it is the time when I need to use people, so I very much hope that the He family can cooperate with me, moreover, the remuneration that I can give to the He family is definitely something that the He family cannot refuse.

He Yingxiu bowed slightly and said respectfully: "Young Master Ye, the decision of whether the He family will cooperate with you is up to my father, so I have to take the liberty of asking you, what kind of condition can you give the He family? If it's convenient, you can tell me directly, I will convey it to my father, and he will make the decision.

Ye Chen smiled and asked: "What conditions did the Su family give you before?" ......

He Yingxiu said:" The Su family will give the He family a fixed amount of contract money every year, this amount is 600 million RMB, converted into 50 million RMB per month paid monthly, in addition, there will be an accounting at the end of the year, if the He family in the year to complete the amount of tasks to meet the standard, there will be an additional one to two hundred million bonus.

Ye Chen nodded gently and smiled: ''This is basically the same as the base salary plus performance bonus model at work.


' He Yingxiu said helplessly: ''In order to earn more money, the He family in the past can only do their best to serve the Su family, this is mainly because, among the direct descendants of the He family, there are more than fifty people practicing martial arts, so many people practicing martial arts need a variety of medicinal materials, accounting for more than half of the He family's income, after the accident of Ruo Li, we broke with the Su family. Su family immediately stopped the cash payment, even last month's 50 million did not pay again, this period of time, the financial situation of the He family can not make ends meet, everyone's cultivation progress has been greatly affected.

Hearing this, Ye Chen raised both eyebrows and asked curiously: Ms. He, I take the liberty to ask, what herbs do you need for cultivation