Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2767

 Ye Chen helped the mother and daughter up, looked at He Yingxiu and spoke: "Ms. He, this time when you came to Jinling to see Ruo Li, please also make sure you keep it 100% confidential, never tell anyone, including the people of the He family!

He Yingxiu naturally understands that the best way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone, otherwise once the opening is made, no matter how small the opening is, there is a possibility that outsiders will know in the future.

Ruo Li is his own daughter, so He Yingxiu can ensure that he absolutely do not leak to the public, but the rest of the He family can not say, even his own father, may not be 100% can believe, so, for the safety of his daughter, she will naturally keep her mouth shut.

So, she said very firmly: "Young Master Ye, you can rest assured that this matter I will keep my mouth shut, after leaving here, never tell anyone!

The other side of Su Ruoli heard this, hurriedly asked: "Mom, when do you plan to leave ah?

He Yingxiu thought about it and said:" I told your grandfather that I would go to the Jiaodong Peninsula tomorrow to find your whereabouts, so I will go there tomorrow.

Su Ruoli was full of reluctance, hugging He Yingxiu's one arm like a little girl and pouting: "Mom, you haven't seen me for so long, can't you stay here with me for one more day?

He Yingxiu sighed and said seriously: "Ruo Li, of course mum wants to stay with you, not to mention stay with you for one more day, even if I stay here with you in the future, mum is also willing to".

I also told your grandfather that no matter what Young Master Ye talked to me about, I must go to the Jiaodong Peninsula tomorrow to continue looking for you.

"Although I don't doubt that your grandfather will have the intention to harm you, but the He family is crowded, there are too many uncontrollable factors, and although we have broken with the Su family, I have always suspected that the Su family is secretly watching our movements, in case the Su family knows that you are still alive, it is possible that they will continue to target you.

The moment Su Ruoli heard He Yingxiu mention the Su family, her expression immediately became indignant, saying coldly: "Mom! We, the He family, have dedicated ourselves to the Su family for so many years, but in the end, not only did the Su family disregard old feelings and family ties, they even sold me to the Japanese Self Defense Force.

He Yingxiu said with a bitter smile:" In the eyes of the Su family, we are the bodyguards they pay for, in ancient times, that is the housekeeper's servant, they think that as long as they pay us, we ......

It is right to fight for them, in their eyes, we would not have been worthy of what they invest in feelings.

She said, she sighed lightly, and said: "revenge thing, Mom suggested that you do not think about it for the time being, the strength of the Su family, the He family in any case can not compare, you will follow the young master Ye, down-to-earth in the young master Ye side saddle, do not think about looking for Su family revenge again.

Su Ruoli red eyes choked: " revenge thing I will not give up, not a year, three years five years, three years five years can not, on ten years eight years, really can not, on twenty years, thirty years, but one day, I will make the Su family pay for all this!

He Yingxiu helplessly said: "the heart of the matter, Mom persuade you also has little meaning, but you must control their emotions, now is the critical stage of your cultivation, do not let the hatred become your heart demon!

Su Ruoli nodded gently.

Ye Chen spoke at this time: "Ms. He, you and Ruo Li have not seen each other for a long time, why don't you go back to your room and rest, I believe you must have a lot to say to each other, I will have someone bring you dinner later, if there is anything else you need, feel free to contact the service staff.

He Yingxiu bowed slightly and said, "Then thank you, Young Master Ye!"