Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2760

 Su Chengfeng frowned and muttered, "I don't quite understand, since Shoudao 80% is in the hands of the Ye family, what is the point of the Ye family to engage in this $100 million? They could not care about such a little money ah ......"

Su Anshun spoke up, "Or maybe it's a smoke bomb they released on purpose?"

"Smoke bomb?" Su Chengfeng was even more surprised and said, "There is no point in making such a smoke bomb, right? It's more bullshit than this place ......"

Just when Su Chengfeng was puzzled, Ye Zhongquan's phone call came.

Su Chengfeng hurriedly connected and asked off the cuff, "Ye Zhongquan, where the hell is my son!" The fastest chapter of the elite novel network updates: m.jyyxs.COM

Ye Zhongquan said in a cold voice: "Su Chengfeng, how do I know where your son is?"

Su Chengfeng cursed, "You're fucking with me, aren't you? My son disappeared from your Buckingham Palace Hotel! You're telling me you don't know?"

Ye Zhongquan immediately warned, "Su Chengfeng, don't fucking spout off! You said your son disappeared from the Buckingham Palace Hotel, I had someone check all the occupancy of the Buckingham Palace ......

Information, there is no Su Shoudao the three words! And I also had people check the security camera, there is no footage of Su Shoudao staying at Buckingham Palace, I now seriously doubt that you old thing is deliberately looking for my fault ah? Did you ask Su Shoudao to hide, and then made up this scene, and then came here to question me, to start a war with me?"

When Su Chengfeng heard this, he immediately exploded with anger and cursed, "Don't give a damn! Am I that boring?"

Ye Zhongquan sneered, "Who the hell knows what you are, the Japs used the same reason in 1937. I didn't expect you to learn it after so many years!"

"Fuck!" Su Chengfeng was so angry that he gnashed his teeth: "Ye Zhongquan, you fart!"

"I fart?" Ye Zhongquan said in a cold voice: "Your son never came to Buckingham Palace, and now you're questioning me, what is this? But if your son did stay at Buckingham Palace, you come to me again, I have nothing to say, but your son has come?"

"Your son has not even come, you dare to accuse me, believe it or not, I will directly call the police, or simply we will go to the people above...

Theories, theories in front of them, to see who is really up to no good!"

Su Chengfeng was speechless at once.

He then remembered that his son went to Jinling, quietly, without telling the public.

Moreover, when he checked in, he let someone unrelated to him to get a room, and then he sneaked into Buckingham Palace under the cover of his beloved.

What's more, he didn't leave the door after checking into the hotel, nor did he show his face, so by definition, Buckingham Palace couldn't have known of his existence.

"In that case, Shoudao how on earth did he disappear?!"

"Could ...... it be that the Ye family is really not behind this matter?"

"If it's not the Ye family, then who could it be ......"

At this time, Su Chengfeng suddenly thought of his second son Su Shoude.

The second son, Su Shoude, disappeared from the Jinling International Hotel, which had nothing to do with the Ye family.

Moreover, his disappearance is also very strange, suddenly disappeared without leaving any clues.

So it seems, and this time Su Shoudao's disappearance, but really has a similarity ......