Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2759

 Ye Chen saw that Ye Zhongquan had no more worries, so he said, "If there is nothing else, I'll hang up first, I'm tired from this journey, I need to take a good rest."

Ye Zhongquan said, "Okay, okay, you take a good rest first, grandpa will not bother you!"

Ye Chen was about to hang up the phone when he suddenly remembered one thing and said, "Oh yes, I plan to do ocean shipping, in the future this piece of business, the Ye family should not grab with me, right?"

"What?" Ye Zhongquan exclaimed, "You want to do ocean shipping?"

"Right." Ye Chen said lightly: "Already in preparation, I will tell you after the project starts, by then, I will take over the dividends released by the Su family, in addition to the market south of the Yangtze River, I hope the Ye family will not come over to interfere."

Ye Zhongquan hesitated for a moment and agreed with a stiff upper lip, saying, "Good! In that case, then I fully support your business venture in Jiangnan!"

"Good." Ye Chen then said, "In that case, let's hang up first."

Ye Zhongquan hung up the phone with mixed feelings in his heart.

Tang Sihai, who had been listening silently, saw him hang up the phone before he asked, "Master, what did he say about the young master?"

Ye Zhongquan then said what he had said to Ye Chen on the phone just now, the big ......

He repeated the overview with Tang Sihai.

Afterwards, he sighed: "Chen's son is really powerful, only one person went to Syria, and even with the opposition forces of the commander called brother, and also let Su Shoudao spit 100 million dollars to the other side, this is the start of cultivating overseas connections, and this time Su Shoudao disappeared, the Su family's dumb loss is sure to eat."

After that, he said with some annoyance: "Only, Chen's son suddenly said he wanted to engage in ocean shipping, and hoped that I would not intervene in the business of Jiangnan, hey, I had wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to steal the Su family's business market, but he wanted, and Jiangnan I still have to give him, so that we themselves will suffer considerable losses ... ... ..."

Tang Sihai asked him: "So what are you going to do?"

Ye Zhongquan helplessly said, "Su family this piece I will not move for the time being, see if he can do it, if he can really follow the trend to become big is also good, then I can give him the transport market in Jiangnan, but then there must be conditions, I want to use the market in Jiangnan, in exchange for him to return to the Ye family in an open and fair manner."


At this moment, Su Chengfeng is waiting for news from Ye Zhongquan, while urging his men to do their best to collect clues.

However, just like the time when Su Shoude disappeared, ......

The entire Jinling was simply a black hole that swallowed up his two sons and all messages related to them.

Just then, Su Anshun reported over a message, "Master, the eldest young master arranged for the finance of an overseas company to transfer $100 million to a Swiss bank account this morning!"

"What?!" Su Chengfeng blurted out, "Hurry up and check it for me! Find out whose account is the recipient of the money!"

Su Anshun said helplessly, "Master, this is impossible to find out, the main reason why Swiss banks are so popular all over the world and have survived to this day is that they do their best to maintain the privacy of their customers, so it is impossible for anyone to find out."

Said, Su Anshun said: "But the Swiss bank was forced to sign an agreement with some countries, in some special circumstances, can provide customer information for certain countries, but this is limited to the national level, if you can find the above relationship, there may be a possibility ...... "

"Does not exist ......" Su Chengfeng smacked his lips and said: "The people of the country are scolding me, the upper side of my opinion is very big, they did not directly let me go over to give an explanation is already I burned high incense, if I am at this time to go to them with a quiet face Help, that is not to the muzzle of the gun?"

Su Anshun said helplessly: "Then there may be no other way...