Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2758

 The actual situation is that Su Shoudao did not stay at the Buckingham Palace.

Ye Chen said:" I am not sophistry, it is the actual situation, Su Shoudao did not even check into Buckingham Palace, his name is not in the check-in information, and there is no record of his entry into the hotel in the surveillance camera, understand?

Ye Zhongquan hurriedly asked him, "Did you erase all the CCTV footage of his check-in?"

"No." Ye Chen said indifferently: "When he first checked in, he did so to quietly get close to Ito Yohiko, but he was afraid that the people at Buckingham Palace would find out his true identity, so he had his men come over and open the room, then he disguised himself and bypassed the surveillance to quietly check in, so naturally he didn't leave any information about his stay. 

If you're not convinced, tell him to produce evidence of Su Shoudao's stay at Buckingham Palace, or tell him to go directly to the police."

After saying that, Ye Chen added: "Then you can also bite him again, questioning him what he really means, whether he is deliberately trying to frame ......

The Ye family, looking for a reason to go to war with the Ye family?

Ye Zhongquan's jaw dropped as he listened.

At first glance, it felt that this line of thought Ye Chen was talking about was not very plausible.

However, after careful speculation, it seemed to work.

When he thought about it more carefully, it even made people clap their hands!

He couldn't hide the excitement in his heart as he secretly thought: "Damn, if you Su Shoudao who swaggered into Buckingham Palace, that person lost Buckingham Palace must have an unshirkable responsibility, and Buckingham Palace is owned by the Ye family, the Ye family must not be able to give a statement.

"The door of Buckingham Palace is open 24 hours a day, so you can walk in like a rat, but you have to sneak in like a rat and leave no trace of your own initiative. What a joke!

He got excited when he thought of this and said, "Tatsu, you had this in mind! This is really a beautiful thing to do!

The fact that you have said this will only make the Su family suffer a dumb loss, the Su family will definitely still put the matter of Su Shoudao's disappearance ......

Remember on your head, but I am now, after all, feathered, so this thing will have to help you carry a little.

Ye Zhongquan he smiled, said: "It does not matter, as long as he Su Chengfeng no direct evidence to prove that there is a relationship with our Ye family, he has no reason to go to war against us, there is no reason to go to war and forced to go to war, the people above them will only be more opinion, so in this way, Su Chengfeng certainly do not dare to act, can only eat a dumb loss!

After saying that, he hurriedly asked: "Right Chen'er, how did you get Su Shoudao to Syria? It is not sent to that Hamid's hand, right?"

Ye Chen heard him mention Hamid, but also not surprised, after all, the whole of their own to Syria, almost all of his men Han Guangyao arrangements, and Hamid sent himself away, Han Guangyao also saw him, these circumstances Han Guangyao will certainly be reported to Ye Zhongquan.

So, Ye Chen also very generous admission, said: "I let Su Shoudao to Hamid sponsored 100 million dollars, and then send him over to experience life, that place is isolated, as long as I do not let go, give the Su family fifty years may not be able to find him!

Ye Zhongquan heard here, could not hold back his excitement and said: "Beautiful! Well done!