Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2755

 When Ye Zhongquan hung up the phone, his first thought was to call Richard Chen immediately and question what was going on.

Tang Sihai, who was at the side, hurriedly asked after him, "Master, what happened?"

Ye Zhongquan sighed, "Su Shoudao disappeared today in Jinling, and had been at Buckingham Palace before he disappeared, and now Su Chengfeng has called me to ask for help, so I have to ask Richard Chen what is going on!"

Tang Sihai was dumbfounded as he listened and blurted out, "Su Shoudao has disappeared too? Su Shoude just disappeared a few days ago, and it was also in Jinling, and again, he stayed in a hotel and disappeared ......"

The other day Su Shoudao disappeared, also in Jinling, and he was also staying in a hotel when he disappeared." Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, "Su Shoude's case is easy to talk about, anyway, he didn't disappear on our turf, his death has nothing to do with us, but Su Shoudao is a bit tricky this time.

Tang Sihai's brain turned and immediately said, "Master, I think this matter, 80% of the time, is related to young master Chen ......"

"Ye Chen?!?" Ye Zhongquan asked offhandedly, "You think it was Ye Chen who did this?!"

Tang Sihai nodded and said seriously, "I think that if this matter is really ......

If it's related to Chen Zekai, then it must be Young Master Chen who is behind it, otherwise, even if we give Chen Zekai eight guts, he wouldn't dare to lay a hand on Su Shoudao."

Ye Zhongquan nodded gently in agreement.

After all, Su Shoudao was nominally the number two man in the Su family.

Chen Zekai, on the other hand, was a subordinate in the Ye family.

Even among the subordinates, he was only at a middle level.

The disparity in status, identity and strength between the two was enormous, so how could Chen Zekai possibly hit on Su Shoudao.

Therefore, the only possibility was Ye Chen.

Thinking about this, Ye Zhongquan couldn't help but feel a little big-headed.

He rubbed his temples and lamented with a sad face, "Although I don't know much about Chen'er, I am still very clear about his style of action."

"In my opinion, although Chen'er and his father look very much alike, their acting styles, are really completely different ......"

Tang Sihai nodded and said approvingly, "Back then, the Eldest Young Master acted, of course, with foresight, thunder and lightning, and across the board, but to be honest, he was also a bit too much of a perfectionist, too concerned with image and public opinion ......"

Speaking of this, Tang Sihai could not help but feel ......

:"Back then, even if others used all kinds of shameful and underhanded tricks against him, he would still choose to fight back in an open and honest way and would never use the same tactics to return the favor ......"

Ye Zhongquan also sighed: "Ai! So this is also the shortcoming of Chang Ying, he is too focused on the four words of openness and fairness, it doesn't matter when facing ordinary opponents, with his superhuman ability, he can crush them, but once the opponent is very strong and does everything, he loses his advantage and initiative ......"

Tang Sihai nodded with great approval from the side.

Ye Zhongquan added at this time, "But Chen'er, is very different from his father!"

"Chen'er's style of action is standard pragmatic and extremely purposeful."

"For him, everything is driven by achieving his own ends, and in order to do so, his means are as varied and unrestricted as they are real."

"He is the kind of person that if you mess with me, then I have to f*ck you, I have to f *ck you  and he knows very well that if he can't f*ck you openly for the time being, then he will do it behind your back, and anyway he has one aim, to f*ck and be done with it."

"And there are not so many restraints and shackles in his eyes