Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2752

 She really didn't think that her father had really thought that her sexual orientation was a girl.

In fact, that was just a rebellious way of coping with her father.

At that time, her father always wanted her to fall in love and get married early, so he would often help her find some high achievers of similar age at the school where he worked, and some of them were even his favourite disciples.

But at that time, He Zhiqiu was not in love at all. Half of her mind was devoted to her studies, while the other half was devoted to the world, often participating in various environmental protection and anti-war campaigns, and even going to Syria with some friends to make an anti-war film.

At that time, she was at the peak of being blinded by the hypocritical universal values of the West. He received his higher education in the West, so he thought that the set of universal values of the West was the key to saving the whole world, or even saving all of humanity.

Westerners shout about environmental protection and energy conservation every day, but the per capita electricity consumption in the US is three times that of China, and the US consumes 25% of the world's oil and creates 25% of the world's greenhouse gases with 5% of the world's population.

Young Americans propagate anti-war and peace around the world every day, not realising that their country is the real global war machine.

But after the tragedy in Syria, He Zhiqiu has finally come to her senses.

She finally understood that the prerequisite for having an open mind about the world is to find out what the real world is like first.

Right now, the Chinese people are down-to-earth, living and working in peace and making every effort to make their lives better, while never taking the initiative to send troops to attack other countries and provoke disputes.

Seeing this clearly also gave her a little more understanding of her father's earlier bitter words.

Just then, He Yuanjiang looked at Ye Chen and opened his mouth to ask, "Ye Chen ah, uncle doesn't have many acquaintances in Jinling, you've been here for a long time, do you have any suitable girls around you that you can introduce to Zhiqiu."

Ye Chen nodded, not knowing how a face came to mind, so he said seriously: "Uncle He, I do know a good girl, her personality is a bit similar to Zhiqiu's, and her name is also quite similar, one is called Zhiqiu, ......

One is called Zhiyu, Zhiqiu, Zhiyu, the names are quite a match."

"That's a good thing!" He Yuanjiang, who was already drunk, hurriedly asked, "Does she like girls too? If so, you should introduce Zhiqiu to her!

Ye Chen said awkwardly, "I honestly don't know, why don't I ask her sometime?"

"Sure!" He Yuanjiang nodded repeatedly and said, "Then you must take it seriously, uncle thank you in advance!

He Zhiqiu didn't expect that her father would start to ask Ye Chen to introduce himself to a girlfriend, so she plucked up her courage and said to He Yuanjiang, "Dad, there's actually something I haven't told you clearly.

He Yuanjiang was stunned and asked, "What is it?

After saying that, he asked nervously, "Is there something more explosive that you want to tell me? Zhiqiu, although my father is not too old, his heart can't stand too much tossing and turning, can you reveal to me what it is?

He Zhiqiu lowered his head, not daring to look at He Yuanjiang, and explained shamefully under his breath: "Its actually that I don't really like girls