Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2749

 When He Zhiqiu heard this, her whole body was ashamed and angry.

She was ashamed because it was embarrassing enough for Ye Chen to buy herself intimate apparel, but now she was asked about it directly face to face, which made her feel ashamed.

What she was angry about was that this guy Ye Chen, what the hell was he buying! The straps on the back of her upper body were still dangling from her body, which made her feel as uncomfortable as possible.

However, He Zhiqiu also knew that these were all Ye Chen's thoughtless mistakes, so even if she was angry in her heart, she was not angry with him, not to mention that he had saved her life and was her life-saver. So, she could only say with a stiff upper lip, "That's okay, then.

Subconsciously, Ye Chen asked, "Are you sure it's okay? Didn't it all fall apart?"

He Zhiqiu was extremely ashamed, but at the same time she was also surprised and asked: . "How do you know?

Ye Chen said apologetically, "I'm sorry about that, I didn't think about it when I bought it, if I had known it would be like that, I should have bought a big one instead of a small one, it would be fine if it was big, but if it was small, it would be very uncomfortable.

He Zhiqiu's pretty face was red and she did not want to continue discussing this topic with Ye Chen at all ......


At this time, Ye Chen took out the underwear he had just bought from his pocket. He wanted to walk over and hand it to her, but he thought it would be strange to take it to someone directly, so he put it on the dining table and pushed it in front of her, more or less embarrassed, and said: "This is a new one, I bought it two sizes too big on purpose, do you want to go to the bathroom and change it now?

He Zhiqiu never dreamed that Ye Chen would be able to pull out another piece of underwear from his pocket!

And what surprised her even more was that the underwear was actually the same brand that she had just seen when she was riding in the car!

"This means that just now, when Ye Chen said he had something to do, he actually went to buy underwear for me? His thoughts, surprisingly, coincide with mine

Thinking of this, He Zhiqiu was instantly very moved in her heart.

She did not expect that Ye Chen would be so considerate.

At this moment, she couldn't care less about being ashamed, so she hurriedly grabbed the underwear that Ye Chen had pushed over, stood up and said with a red face: ''Thank you, Mr. Ye!

After saying that, she hurriedly went to the bathroom in the compartment.

The original lingerie that was a very inappropriate size was taken off as quickly as she could, with the back attached ......

The signs of disintegration and breakage were very obvious.

She hated to throw this underwear straight into the trash, but a thought suddenly flashed through her mind, making her realize all of a sudden that this was the first set of underwear Ye Chen had given her, and the first piece of underwear she had received from a man in her life.

So, she ghostly rolled up this underwear and quietly left it behind.

She then took out the new one that Ye Chen had bought, and this time, the size did fit her perfectly, giving her a sudden sigh of relief.

The feeling before was like having size 40 feet but walking around in size 35 shoes all day.

Now it was finally normal.

A few minutes later, when He Zhiqiu came out of the bathroom, her whole body was in a completely changed state.

Before this, she had been very restrained, not daring to make any drastic movements, and her mood was even worse.

But now, the new lingerie Ye Chen had bought was a perfect fit, and after she changed, all negative feelings and emotions were instantly swept away, making her whole body much more relaxed.

After she came out, she put her hands behind her back and clutched the piece of clothing she had changed into, afraid of being seen by Ye Chen.