Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2748

Ye Chen also saw that He Zhiqiu expression strange, guessing that she must be very uncomfortable now, it is possible that the heart has been complaining about himself, so he thought, find what suitable opportunity to give her this new in the pocket.

However, this kind of thing certainly can not be done in front of He Yuanjiang, otherwise it is possible that this old professor how to misunderstand himself. The fastest chapter update of elite novel network: m.jyyxs.COM

He Yuanjiang saw that Ye Chen had come, and was busy greeting Ye Chen to his side and sitting down.

The diamond box of the Tianxiang House was originally the most luxurious one in the whole Tianxiang House, and the large round table could meet at least twenty people dining at the same time, so with three people sitting, it looked a bit cold.

After Ye Chen sat down next to He Yuanjiang, He Yuanjiang looked at He Zhiqiu on the opposite side and said, "Zhiqiu, there are only three of us, why are you sitting so far away? Quickly sit over here."

He Zhiqiu said awkwardly, "I'd better sit here, it's quite awkward for three people to sit next to each other at such a big table."

He Yuanjiang shook his head helplessly and said, "Okay, it's up to you.

Saying that, he asked Ye Chen: "Ye Chen, can you drink two glasses?

Ye Chen laughed: "I have no problem, it depends on whether you still have work in the afternoon."

He Yuanjiang laughed: "There are no classes in the afternoon, so I plan to take half a day off from the hospital, so we can have a couple of drinks at noon, and then I will take Zhiqiu home to have a good rest, it's not easy for her to come back, I can't ......

Leave her behind and go to the hospital."

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Indeed, Zhiqiu has been suffering a lot during this period of time, so she really needs to take a good rest in the past two days.

He Yuanjiang smiled and said, "That's good, then let's have a few drinks openly!"

At this time, Hong Wu just pushed the door in and asked Ye Chen: "Master Ye, the cold dishes are ready, can we serve them first?"

Ye Chen said: "Go on, by the way, two more bottles of Maotai, I will accompany Professor He to drink a couple of glasses.

"Good!" Hong Wu agreed without hesitation and said, "Then the hot dishes I will arrange directly for you according to the specifications of the diamond box."

Ye Chen waved his hand: "Don't be so ostentatious, the specifications of your diamond box's dishes are for twenty people, there are only three of us, how can we finish eating so much."

He Yuanjiang also hurriedly said, "Let's just eat casually, but don't be too extravagant and wasteful, now the whole country is promoting thrift and frugality, we also have to respond to the call to eliminate waste."

Ye Chen had a bright idea and said: 'Professor He, why don't you go directly to the back kitchen to see what is of interest, let the chef arrange on the spot, we three people, hot dishes ordered a four dishes - soup is about the same.

He Yuanjiang said: "No, no, I'm not a picky eater, just eat whatever you want."

Ye Chen laughed: 'To tell the truth, I'm ......

Individuals have selection syndrome, so please go and see, by the way choose a few dishes.

On the side of Hong Wu listened to the confusion, thinking: "Master Ye this gourd sells in the end what is the medicine? If you want to order a dish, I directly take the menu. Come on up, can not it? Why let this Professor He go to the back of the kitchen to see it? Generally speaking, the vast majority of restaurants are not allowed to visit the back of the kitchen, the House of Heavenly Fragrance has not been the operation process ah."

Just wondering, he suddenly glanced at He Zhiqiu, who was sitting opposite Ye Chen with a stunning appearance, but with a slight frown and a sad expression, like Lin Daiyu, and suddenly understood in his heart.

"So, Master Ye is trying to put this Professor He away, alone with his daughter to stay

Thinking of this, Hong Wu hurriedly said to He Yuanjiang: "Professor He, you are Master Ye's honored guest, what to order of course you to determine.

After saying that, he directly made an invitation posture, respectfully said: "Professor He, please move to the back kitchen, I will give you a good introduction to our Tianxiang House's specialty dishes!"

When He Yuanjiang saw this, he felt that it was hard to refuse his hospitality, so he had to agree and said, "Okay, then I'll respectfully comply with your request!"

Immediately after that, He Yuanjiang left the box together with Hong Wu.

As soon as they left, Ye Chen looked at He Zhiqiu and said with some embarrassment: "That, Zhiqiu, the clothes I bought for you this morning, are they not quite right?"