Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2746

 However, precisely because Ye Chen's sense of hearing was acute, the sound was like an elastic band snapping before his eyes.


      So, he realised almost immediately that it was He Zhiqiu's upper body's intimate apparel that had gone wrong.


      He wondered in his heart, "What the hell is going on here? Is it because the clothes I bought are too low quality?"


      But it shouldn't be. Even if it was of poor quality, the most that could happen was that the threads would come off and the silk would come off, so there was no need for it to fall apart.


      "Could it be that


      A possibility suddenly popped into Ye Chen's mind, and it startled him for a moment


      He subconsciously looked at He Zhiqiu and suddenly noticed that the curve of her upper body, which was wrapped in the dress, seemed to have bulged a little in a moment.


      "Could it be that the size I bought was too small




      Ye Chen suddenly realised the crux of the problem


      The dress he had bought was originally a high-end custom-made model, so it showed off his figure.


      In other words, when wearing this dress, the strengths and weaknesses of the figure would be exposed very clearly.


      Previously, when I looked at He Zhiqiu in this dress, I could tell that there really wasn't much in the shape of her body, not daring to say that she was an airport, nor was she any better than an airport.


      But now, looking at it again, it was clearly hilly


      This also meant that He Zhiqiu's figure was, in fact, very material, and had only been hidden earlier.


      Combine that with the muffled sound just now




      Ye Chen immediately figured out what had actually happened


      At this moment, Ye Chen was also embarrassed in his heart.


      He had kindly bought the inner and outer clothes for someone, originally wanting to make things easier for others, but now


      Not only had he caused a lot of trouble for her, but he had even caused such a big embarrassment.


      He had to go to a restaurant next, so he couldn't just let He Zhiqiu go like this


      Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed in his heart and secretly thought: "Hey what he has done wrong, it is better to find a way to make up for it himself


      So, without showing his face, he said, "My car is parked downstairs, let's go to the hotel first, I have some personal matters, I may be delayed for about ten minutes, please also ask Uncle He and Zhiqiu to wait for me at the hotel for a while."


      He Yuanjiang smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, if you have something to do, just go ahead and get busy.


      He Zhiqiu, who was at the side, was so ashamed and full of thoughts about what to do next that she didn't hear what Ye Chen was saying.


      She wanted to find an excuse to leave first and then go and buy a pair of underwear that fit her.


      But then she thought, "I can't go by myself now. After all, with such an embarrassing situation on my body, if people see me when I take a taxi or go shopping, wouldn't that be a big shame?


      She walked behind the two of them in fear, but she couldn't control her eyes and looked to the right and left for fear of being discovered at this time.


      Luckily, the professors and staff had gone to lunch, so they didn't meet anyone else along the way.


      Only when he got into the back seat of the Rolls Royce did He Zhiqiu finally breathe a sigh of relief.


      Ye Chen was thinking of making up for his mistake, so he drove while keeping an eye on the nearby shopping malls to see if there was a suitable place to buy a new set for He Zhiqiu later.


      When he was almost at Tian Xiang Fu, he was relieved to finally see that there was a shopping complex next to him, and one of the several large billboards at the entrance of the mall was for a brand of women's underwear.


      At this moment, He Zhiqiu also saw this billboard and could not help but silently weep and lament: "I wish I could teleport to this shop like the superhumans in the movie, buy a pair that fits and then teleport back.