Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2745

 Ye Chen knew that He Yuanjiang came from a professor's background, and such high-ranking intellectuals tended to think highly of themselves, so they were bound to look at people like Hong Wu with somewhat tinted glasses.


      But fortunately, He Yuanjiang didn't dwell on it much, and after listening to Ye Chen's introduction of the general situation, he let go of his inner dwellings.


      Ye Chen then stood up and said to the father and daughter duo: ''Uncle He, Zhiqiu, let's go.


      He Yuanjiang nodded and obediently stood up, while He Zhiqiu, who was strangled to the side, could not stand it any longer and could not wait to stand up.


      The main reason was that sitting on the sofa, the feeling of being strangled to death was too unbearable.


      In fact, she had wanted to stand up for a long time, but her father and Ye Chen were both sitting there, and she didn't want to stand there alone like a fool, so she could only grit her teeth and hold on.


      But He Zhiqiu never dreamed that at the very moment she stood up, she suddenly felt the hooks of her upper body underwear behind her being popped off with great force due to the force of her hands supporting her upwards.


      The elastic band, which was already tight, suddenly popped open, causing He Zhiqiu to scream in terror.




      He Yuanjiang hurriedly asked with concern, "Zhiqiu, what happened to you?


      He Zhiqiu had the heart to die at this moment.


      How could she dare to say that the hooks of her clothing had been propped open by herself?


      It was really hard to say such things.


      So she could only say, "Dad, I'm fine, I just got up a bit too hard just now, so I'm a bit dizzy."


      He Yuanjiang hurriedly held her up and asked with concern, "How are you feeling? If the problem is more serious, Dad will take you to the hospital."


      He Zhiqiu hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, no, I'm fine now.


      As she said that, she hurriedly lowered her raised hand again, because the hooks had been broken, as soon as she raised her arm, her underwear became slightly misaligned, and it would be too embarrassing if she moved a little too much, making it completely misaligned and unable to return.


      He Yuanjiang let out a sigh of relief and said, "I guess you still haven't rested well, so take a good rest in the next two days and refresh yourself."


      He Zhiqiu could only comply with his words, nodding and saying, "Okay dad, I know.


      After saying that, she hurriedly looked at Ye Chen again, and seeing that there was nothing unusual about Ye Chen, she was only slightly relieved.


      "It seems that the embarrassment just now, dad and Ye Chen do not know the truth of the matter otherwise, I really have a heart to die


      With this in mind, she looked at Ye Chen with a bit of anger, thinking in her heart: "Is my body so unpredictable in your opinion? How can you buy me the smallest one and look down on people?

      Although Ye Chen was as stable as an old dog on the surface, he was actually in complete chaos inside.


      His senses were so keen

      Just now, he suddenly heard a muffled sound from He Zhiqiu's body. When he heard an insignificant muffled sound from above him, he immediately felt that something was not quite right.


      It was like the sound of a taut elastic band suddenly snapping.


      However, since the sound was coming from inside He Zhiqiu's clothes, there was basically nothing that could be noticed at the volume when it came out.