Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2744

 He Zhiqiu adjusted his sitting posture and said with some embarrassment: "They locked us up in the cellar and really wanted to kill us at first, but fortunately Mr. Ye rescued us in time, otherwise I'm afraid we would have been executed one by one!


      He Yuanjiang said to Ye Chen with immense gratitude, "Ye Chen, you brought Zhiqiu back safe and sound, uncle really owes you a life, from now on, this old life of uncle is yours, whatever you ask uncle to do, if uncle dares to hesitate, heaven will strike you down!


      Ye Chen said, "Not at all, Uncle He, I'm just doing this for you, not to mention that you're a good friend of my mother's, so it's only right that I help you."


      Hearing this, He Zhiqiu exclaimed, "Dad, is Mr. Ye the son of Auntie An that you always talk about?"




      He Yuanjiang nodded his head and said, "He is your Auntie An's only son, Ye Chen


      He Zhiqiu had a bright light in his eyes and said excitedly to Ye Chen: "Mr. Ye, to be frank, your mother is my biggest idol in my life.


      Ye Chen couldn't help but be a little surprised, he didn't expect that He Zhiqiu knew a lot about his own mother's affairs.


      This also made Ye Chen's own heart ashamed.


      He himself knew very little about his mother, even less than an outsider, this was indeed something he had not done enough, otherwise, he should have found a way to learn about his mother long ago.


      At this time, He Yuanjiang looked at He Zhiqiu and said seriously, "Zhiqiu, I have promised Ye Chen that after he rescues you, you will be the person in charge of Ye Chen's ocean shipping business, while I will act as an advisor and volunteer to provide you with all the help I can behind the scenes. Stay in Jinling and work hard. We will work together as a father and daughter to help Ye Chen build up this business no matter what.


      He Zhiqiu nodded and said without hesitation, "Dad, don't worry about that, I've already promised Mr. Ye.


      She hurriedly added, "What I am most worried about is my own ability. The things I experienced in Syria this time made me realize that I am really lacking in all aspects, especially in reading people, I am really a bit too optimistic, so I am worried that I am not up to the task.


      The company's business is a serious business, relying on financial strength, planning, resources, channels and contacts, rather than relying on deceit and deception, so you just run the company, sort out the business, dovetail the resources to understand, the rest is all water.


      He added: "You see, whether it's Bill Gates of Microsoft or Larry Gates of Google, it's not just a matter of how you do it. You see, whether it's Bill Gates at Microsoft, Larry Page at Google, or Tesla. You see, whether it's Bill Gates at Microsoft, Larry Page at Google, or Elon at Tesla. They may not be very good at reading people, they may not know how to cheat, but what they really know is technology, is the market, is how to use their technology to make the best products to meet the market demand, so as long as they can do what they are best at, they will be able to succeed, and so will you! "


      "Mr. Ye, since you have said so, I will do my best and do my best not to let you down!


      Hearing these words, He Zhiqiu's heart, which was originally a little nervous and unsure, did feel a lot more relieved.


      However, while she was relieved inwardly, her body could not be relieved.


      Because she was sitting on the sofa, she felt her upper body being strangled even tighter by the inappropriately fitted clothing, which had even left her a little breathless.


      He Yuanjiang could see his daughter's unnaturalness and couldn't help but ask: "Zhiqiu what's wrong with you is it that you're not feeling well"