Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2739

 The package was opened and what lay inside were two individually wrapped plastic bags.


      He Zhiqiu's face turned hot with shame as she looked at the two pieces of pure black clothing with lace trim.


      Although she had guessed that they must be underwear, she had not expected them to be black with lace.


      In fact, He Zhiqiu had never worn such fancy and somewhat fancy underwear. She was a pragmatist and liked to wear solid-coloured, skin-friendly clothes.


      However, now that Ye Chen had bought them all, there was no other choice, so she could only open them, thinking: "Anyway, let's wear them first to cope with going out, my personal belongings are in the United States, some of my luggage and clothes are in Syria, I didn't bring anything back to China this time, so I can only wait until I've met my father and then buy in bulk."


      With that, she blushed and opened one of the intimate clothing items that Ye Chen had bought for herself.


      It was a piece of clothing worn on top, so the first thing He Zhiqiu did after opening it was to check the size first.


      She usually didn't like to wear clothes that showed off her figure, so she could easily be mistaken for having a flat figure, but in fact, at 1.7 meters tall, her figure was super hot, and her front and back were just the basics, and that ubiquitous s-shaped curve was no better than those of supermodels.


      It is also because He Zhiqiu's body is too hot, from the beginning of college, because the body is too good to attract some annoying suitors, and even many people like dog skin plaster, on her study life has brought great impact, so she since then, will not wear any clothes that can highlight the figure.


      For example, in the summer she wears loose clothes whenever possible and never wears skirts above the knee, lest she reveal her long, slender legs.


      And in winter, they dress up in very bulky clothes, and they can't see the bulge as well as the curves of their figures at all.


      Ye Chen had fallen for this trick.


      When he saw that He Zhiqiu didn't seem to have much of a figure, he assumed that her breasts were out of stock and bought the smallest A cup.


      However, He Zhiqiu's real situation was at least two sizes bigger than it was


      So, when she tried on the dress that Ye Chen had bought, she was speechless to the extreme and couldn't help but mutter: "Is my figure so well hidden and so easily underestimated?


      Thinking of this, she sighed and thought, "I must have been subjectively unwilling to show off my figure, which is why Mr. Ye has created such a big error and prejudice, so it seems that I should not be like this in the future, otherwise everyone will think that I am a peaceful princess!


      As He Zhiqiu sighed, she looked at the dress in front of her again and decided to grit her teeth and wear it first.


      She then opened the other bag and took out the thin piece of clothing.


      When she looked at it with both hands, she let out a scream and subconsciously threw the garment away, then immediately covered her hot face and her heart beat almost twice as fast as before


      "Mr. Ye, how could he


      He Zhiqiu touched her hot face and muttered under her breath in shame: "How could Mr. Ye buy such clothes for me?


      "But he must have seen the clothes before he bought them, couldn't he have seen that they were too revealing?


      Or maybe he did it on purpose


      But why did he deliberately buy me this kind of lingerie? Was it a prank or was it some kind of bad taste?


      He Zhiqiu felt strange, and when she looked at the clothes she had thrown on the floor, she was almost certain that she would never wear such disgusting things in her life.


      However, her mind quickly overturned the thought she had just been certain of.


      "There's no solution if I don't wear this... it's just unacceptable to wear something dirty, or not to wear it at all.


      "It seems that this is barely acceptable at all."


      Thinking of this, she did not care to speculate on Ye Chen's motives, gritted her teeth and retrieved the piece of clothing that she had thrown away.


      Ten minutes later, the doorbell to Ye Chen's room rang.


      He opened the door, and outside the door stood, indeed, a refreshed He Zhiqiu.