Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2738

 For women, stockings are an absolutely essential item of clothing, not only to complement their figure and temperament, but also to keep them warm.


      A few years ago, it was rare to see a woman wearing a skirt in winter, as the prerequisite for wearing a skirt was to keep the legs warm, but wearing a skirt on top and trousers on the bottom was definitely a bit weird, and wearing a skirt on top and autumn trousers on the bottom was even more bizarre, until the popularity of bottoms and stockings solved this problem.


      However, although stockings had become very common, He Zhiqiu had never received any stockings from men for herself either.


      This feeling was, more or less, still a little subtle.


      But she knew very well in her heart that this was also a sign of attentiveness and consideration on Ye Chen's part, otherwise she might really have to wear a dress with bare legs.


      She picked up the dress, put it on her body and walked to the mirror to compare it with her own, looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but sigh: "The size Mr. Ye bought looks like it fits perfectly, and the style is beautiful, so you really have a good eye!


      She then put down the dress and saw another large Chanel bag with a shoe box, so she hurriedly opened the shoe box and found a pair of very delicate white fashion leather shoes, so she couldn't wait to take them out and try them on her feet, and was even more amazed to find: "This pair of shoes is not too big, not too small, just the right size, they really fit me, and I don't know how Mr. Ye I don't know how Mr. Ye could have made such an accurate judgment, could it be the result of a visual inspection?


      When she thought of this, her heart felt a little bit more touched by Ye Chen.


      Thinking that Ye Chen was still waiting for her and that her father was anxious about her situation, He Zhiqiu didn't dare to think any more and hurriedly prepared to get dressed and go out.


      But when she took off her bathrobe, she suddenly realised that she had no clean underwear to replace it.


      When she arrived at the hotel this morning, she was so exhausted that she could have fallen asleep on the soft floor of the living room almost in a minute.


      She was so tired that she couldn't even open her eyes afterwards, so she just fell asleep, not even thinking about washing her underwear.


      When she thought of this, she was so annoyed that she muttered under her breath, "He Zhiqiu, He Zhiqiu, you're so stupid, why didn't you think to wash your underwear and replace it?




      But I can't go without it, I can't ask Mr. Ye to buy me a pair of underwear, it's too hard to say!


      Just when He Zhiqiu didn't know what to do, she suddenly noticed that in the middle of Ye Chen's huge Chanel shopping bags, there was a small pink tote bag.


      She hastily picked up the handbag, only to discover that the brand logo on the bag was actually a brand that specialized in selling high-end women's lingerie


      "Could it be that this is the lingerie that Mr. Ye bought for me?


      As soon as she thought of this, He Zhiqiu's face instantly turned red to the base of her neck.


      The fact that Ye Chen had bought her a pair of bottoming stockings already made her feel very humiliated, but how could she have imagined that Ye Chen had even bought herself intimate underwear


      "It's too humiliating to ask Mr. Ye to buy me such intimate clothes!


      For a while, He Zhiqiu's heart was very complicated.


      On the one hand, she was relieved to have a solution, but on the other hand, she was so ashamed because of the special nature of this matter that she wanted to dive head first into the ice water.


      After a few moments, reality prevailed in her struggling mind and she said to herself, "Anyway, at least the underwear problem is solved.


      With this in mind, she plucked up the courage to open the pink package