Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2735

 While Chen Zekai mobilised his resources and went to the northeastern desert city to fetch He Yingxiu to come to Jinling, Su Shoudao was escorted by Chen Zekai's men onto a plane and flown to Syria.


      At the same time, Hamid, who was far away in Syria, also began to mobilise his soldiers, preparing to follow Ye Chen's advice and strictly implement the nine-word policy of digging deep, accumulating food and slowly claiming the throne.


      His friend in the construction industry in Iraq, once he heard Hamid say that he could give a 50 percent premium for the project and that he was willing to pay US$5 million in advance, he did not hesitate to stop the project in Iraq for which he was late in getting the final payment and went to Syria in a flash with a group of construction workers who were desperate to make money.


      Su Chengfeng did not yet know that his son had started his journey all the way to the west.


      He knew that Su Shoudao was looking for a chance to meet with Ito Yohiko today, so he waited in the villa for Su Shoudao's good news.


      He Yuanjiang, who was teaching at Jinling University of Finance and Economics, had spent the morning in a torment of extreme anxiety.


      He had been following the reports from Syria about the eight hostages, but what made him feel very nervous was that there were no publicly reported updates on the matter.


      It wasn't that the local media hadn't reported it, but that the opposition, which had captured the hostages, had surprisingly not spoken out again.


      According to the opposition's previous public rhetoric, if the US embassy does not pay the US$80 million, today they will have to kill the captives at regular intervals, one by one.


      It is reasonable to say that once the opposition and the U.S. Embassy negotiate to no avail, they must kill the hostages to put pressure on the U.S. Embassy, but they have gone silent and have not released any more messages, which is really counter-intuitive.


      He Yuanjiang was also worried about Ye Chen's safety and whether Ye Chen would be able to bring his daughter back.


      After all, the war was raging there, and he thought that it would be difficult for Ye Chen to rescue his daughter easily by himself.


      But he did not know that as early as the dawn of day, Ye Chen had already brought his daughter back to Jinling.


      At this moment, his daughter, He Zhiqiu, was in the middle of a dream.


      Her life in Syria had been very difficult, and she had been terrified and under great psychological and mental stress after being captured.


      Now that she has finally returned to the peace and stability of China and is lying in the soft and comfortable bed of a five-star hotel, she is completely relaxed, so she sleeps soundly.


      Ye Chen instructed Richard Chen to contact He Yingxiu, and then he himself slipped away to the business area of the Buckingham Palace Hotel.


      This kind of top star hotel had very complete commercial facilities inside.


      Many of the top luxury brands like to work with five-star hotels.


      This is because in their view, consumers staying in five-star hotels generally have stronger spending power, which is a complete overlap with their kind of luxury customer base.


      Therefore, many Chanel, Hermes and Dior shops are opened in five-star hotels.


      Ye Chen had come here alone, not because he had nothing else to do but run to shop, but because he intended to buy a new dress for He Zhiqiu.


      When he saw He Zhiqiu in the Syrian cellar yesterday, the clothes He Zhiqiu was wearing were already so dirty that the original colour could not be seen.


      After all, she had been taken as a prisoner of war, so it was difficult to ensure that she was dressed decently even under such circumstances.


      However, later at noon, Ye Chen planned to take He Zhiqiu directly to Jinling Finance and Economics College and give her father, He Yuanjiang, a surprise.


      Since he was going to deliver a surprise, he definitely had to deliver his daughter to him intact and clean.


      If He Ziqiu went there dressed like a call girl, not to mention how He Yuanjiang would feel when he saw her, the security guards at Jinling University of Finance and Economics might not even let her in.


      Ye Chen came to the business district and bought He Zhiqiu a high-end custom-made model of ready-to-wear at Chanel's shop by the way.


      The style of a high-end fashion brand like Chanel was slightly luxurious, and the style of the clothes was also more beautiful and sexy, so Ye Chen casually chose a beige and white dress.